Lebanon wins county track title

The boys and girls combine their scores. Lebanon won with 304 points,
Apr 19, 2014
Andy Reed • The Lebanon Democrat Mt. Juliet’s Mickey Fils, left, leads Lebanon’s Kyree Cross, right, and Friendship Christian’s Austin Taylor [in between] into the corner during the 400-meter run. Cross won the event, followed by Fills and Taylor
Lebanon’s Jameka Dowell clears a hurdle on her way to winning the 300 hurdles.


Lebanon won the 13th annual Wilson County Track & Field Championship on Thursday at Clifton Tribble Field/Danny Watkins Stadium. The boys and girls combine their scores. Lebanon won with 304 points, followed by Mt. Juliet with 149, Friendship Christian 30 and Mt. Juliet Christian 17. Top three finishers in each event are: GIRLS Discus—1. Mae Williamson [Lebanon], 83-9; 2. Alyssa Thomas [Mt. Juliet], 3. Brooke Dowell [Lebanon]. Shot put—1. Mae Williamson [Lebanon], 31-5 ¼; 2. Alyssa Thomas [Mt. Juliet], 3. Taneka Cason [Lebanon]. High jump—1. Chol Rambang [Lebanon], 4-8; 2. Aisha Springette [Lebanon], 3. [tie] Monica Maclin [Lebanon] and Leonie Rix [Mt. Juliet]. Long jump—1. Mary Griffin [Lebanon], 15-4; 2. Halle Raines [Mt. Juliet], 3. Taylor Black [Lebanon]. Triple jump—1. Halle Raines [Mt. Juliet] 32-0; 2. Chol Rambang [Lebanon], 3. Monica Maclin [Lebanon]. 4-by-800—1. Mt. Juliet, 11:49; 2. Lebanon. 100 hurdles—1. Jameka Dowell [Lebanon], :17.1; 2. Halle Raines [Mt. Juliet], 3. Rachael Pettros [Friendship]. 100—1. Aisha Springette [Lebanon] :12.9; 2. Mary Griffin [Lebanon], 3. Ally Bergin [Mt. Juliet]. 4-by-200—1. Mt. Juliet, 1:56; 2. Lebanon. 1,600—1. Caitlyn Strickland [Lebanon], 6:08; 2. Allison Antonaccio [Mt. Juliet], 3. Celina Sydlo [Mt. Juliet]. 4-by-100—1. Lebanon, :52.8; 2. Mt. Juliet. 400—1. Abby Elkins [Mt. Juliet], 1:07.8; 2. Taylor Black [Lebanon], 3. [tie] Haley White [Lebanon] and Evans Reed [Mt. Juliet]. 300 hurdles—1. Jameka Dowell [Lebanon], :51.9; 2. Leanne Raymond [Lebanon]; 3. Rachael Pettross [Friendship]. 800—1. Chol Rambang [Lebanon], 2:40; 2. Cloe Garner [Lebanon], 3. Leonie Rix [Mt. Juliet]. 200—1. Aisha Springette [Lebanon] :27; 2. Lydia Bethea [Mt. Juliet], 3. Mary Griffin [Lebanon]. 3,200—1. Caitlyn Strickland [Lebanon], 13:13; 2. Maddie Martin [Lebanon], 3. Celina Sydlo [Mt. Juliet]. 4-by-400—1. Mt. Juliet, 4:52; 2. Lebanon, 3. Mt. Juliet Christian. BOYS Discus—1. Chris Osier [Lebanon], 112-10; 2. Coleton Thomas [Lebanon], 3. Brandon Estes [Lebanon]. Shot put—1. Coleton Thomas [Lebanon], 41-10 ½; 2. Chris Osier [Lebanon], 3. Chris Williams [Lebanon]. High jump—1. Kadarian Garnett [Lebanon], 6-4; 2. Kyree Cross [Lebanon], 3. David Colville [Lebanon]. Long jump—1. Raheem Reynolds [Lebanon], 20-2; 2. Gabriel Gilbert [Mt. Juliet], 3. Simon Thomas [Lebanon]. Triple jump—1. Kadarian Garnett [Lebanon], 41-4; 2. Raheem Reynolds [Lebanon], 3. Gabriel Gilbert [Mt. Juliet]. 4-by-800—1. Mt. Juliet, 8:53; 2. Lebanon. 110 hurdles—1. Will Burruss [Friendship Christian], :16.2; 2. Alex Cieler [Mt. Juliet], 3. D.J. Baker [Lebanon]. 100—1. Tay Cason [Lebanon], :11.3; 2. Austin Taylor [Friendship], 3. Alex Sanders [Lebanon]. 4-by-200—1. Lebanon, 1:35.1; 2. Mt. Juliet, 3. Mt. Juliet Christian. 1,600—1. Mark Britt [Lebanon], 4:37; 2. Anthony Reeves [Lebanon], 3. Rephayah Black [Mt. Juliet]. 4-by-100—1. Mt. Juliet, :46; 2. Lebanon. 400—1. Kyree Cross [Lebanon], :51.2; 2. Mickey Fils [Mt. Juliet], 3. Austin Taylor [Friendship]. 300 hurdles—1. D.J. Baker [Lebanon], :43. 2. Will Earps [Lebanon], 3. Will Burruss [Friendship]. 800—1. Jeorge Sanchez [Lebanon], 2:08; 2. Cal Groome [Mt. Juliet], 3. Harley Drennon [Lebanon]. 200—1. Kyree Cross [Lebanon], :22.9; 2. D’Andre Harrris [Lebanon], 3. Austin Taylor [Friendship]. 3,200—1. Mark Britt [Lebanon], 10:16; 2. Anthony Reeves [Lebanon], 3. Austin Montgomery [Lebanon]. 4-by-400—1. Mt. Juliet, 3:33; 2. Lebanon, 3. Mt. Juliet Christian. Tribble Fields/Watkins Stadium will be the site for the District 9-AAA track championship next week. Lebanon, Wilson Central and Mt. Juliet will join five Sumner County teams in the event, which will not determine who advances to postseason meets next month. Field event finals and running preliminaries will be held starting at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday. Running finals will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday. “We are extremely excited to host this annual competition between the District 9-AAA schools,” Lebanon coach Marc Engle said. “We will have a good number of quality athletes competing as they prepare for their sub-sectional meet in early May.”



Does someone know why Wilson Central did not compete in the Wilson County Track and Field Championship?


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