Old Hickory Lake winners

Cedar City Bass Anglers
Jun 5, 2014



The Cedar City Bass Anglers held their fourth tournament of the season during Memorial Day weekend at Old Hickory Lake out of Davis Corner. Boaters enjoyed sunny skies, light wind and 83-degree water. The only adversity was holiday boat traffic.

From left, Delmos Boone of Lebanon won with 13.86 pounds, including the big fish weighing 4.84 pounds, caught in midlake with a spinnerbait. He earned $600 for first place and $300 for the big fish.

Greg Haynes of Lebanon was second with 12.66 pounds caught at midlake on jig to earn $400. Cody Haskins of Lebanon was third with 11.9 pounds caught downlake flipping to earn $200. Joe McConnell of Murfreesboro was fourth with 10.74 pounds caught downlake on a jig to pocket $100.

Brad Young of Murfreesboro was fifth with 10.44 pounds. Last year’s winner on this site caught his limit downlake with a crankbait to win a $70 gift certificate.

CCBA’s next event will be June 14 out of Fate Sanders Marina on Percy Priest Lake for a night tournament.


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