Haslam no fan of guns-in-parks bill

NASHVILLE (MCT) – Gov. Bill Haslam says he's still no fan of a fast-moving effort by fellow Republicans in the Legislature to strip local governments of their ability to ban guns from local parks.
Mar 9, 2014


NASHVILLE (MCT) – Gov. Bill Haslam says he's still no fan of a fast-moving effort by fellow Republicans in the Legislature to strip local governments of their ability to ban guns from local parks.

The governor, a former Knoxville mayor, said last week the issue boils down to property rights and the Second Amendment.

"City councils and county commissions have said, 'OK, our taxpayers have paid for that park,' and their elected representatives, I think, should get to decide what happens in the parks," the governor said.

"It's not a Second Amendment right," he said. "It's the same right anybody should have with a property they control."

The governor has said he has "major concerns" with the bill, but he stopped short of threatening a veto.

"We'll have to see once it winds its way to me," he noted.

Last week, House Civil Justice Subcommittee members advanced the bill, which would apply to people with state-issued handgun carry permits. Last month, the Senate approved the bill on a 26-7 vote.

Members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America packed the meeting, with member Telisha Cobb speaking out against the measure, sponsored by Rep. Tilman Goins, R-Morristown.

Cobb, a Nashville resident who has a 6-year-old boy, said the bill "would force guns into all Tennessee parks against the wishes of the cities those parks are in and against the wishes of the moms who take their children there to play. It would expose our children to serious danger."

Goins countered that "the only thing it does it to allow those licensed permit holders to protect themselves in public areas."

Permit holders undergo background checks and are required to take a gun safety course, he noted.

House Speaker Beth Harwell has said she sees the bill passing but hopes to make it more "palatable" to local governments.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and a number of other city mayors opposed the legislation as an unwanted intrusion on local governments.



The legislators of our fair state must be the smartest people in the country. It is their position that the elected Federal legislators are not smart enough to to govern us and work really hard to see that we are excempt from many federal laws and programs. Now, they have decided they know what is better for my community than the elected officials in this community. They intend to take away the my vote in my own town and county.
Personally, I wished they would do what is best for our citizens and resign. Go away. But no one ever quits a welll paying job where they do nothing.


Allow me to tell you what else those same legislators have taken away from you. HB1410/SB1614 redefines agriculture to include entertainment. Adding that one word to the TN Right to Farm Act means both city and county governments have lost the ability to control NON FARM noise late at night on any property that is a farm. They like to say this will not allow another Bonnaroo but it was never about another Bonnaroo. It is about our rights to live in our own homes and expect that the 'farm' neighbors can't play amplified music all hours of the day and night without restriction. Nothing in the RTFA says the entertainment has to be done for a profit. And don't limit this mess to music. Use your imagination to define entertainment. In Blount County that included helicopter rides. What next?

S kepiro

Governor Haslam's approval rating has sank to a dismal 42%, that's why he is offering a (free) two year ride for kids going to college so that democrats and independents will be happy.

Local and national news outlets will refer to it as "guns in parks." So ask yourself this, "what about when your are walking the (greenways) for an early morning stroll, or a late evening walk"?
Shouldn't you be able to exercise your 2nd amendment right to do so, and a "natural" right to defend your life?

Haslam may end up being the worst Governor this state has ever seen.
My days of fueling up at(PILOT gas stations)have long been gone.


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