Yard sale raises money for Relay for Life this Friday

June 22, 2009 – Crossroads Community Church and other occupants of The Mill in Lebanon had the parking lot humming with people Saturday.
Jun 22, 2009


June 22, 2009 – Crossroads Community Church and other occupants of The Mill in Lebanon had the parking lot humming with people Saturday.
Shoppers took to the the many items available at the Fighting for a Cure at The Mill yard sale.
"This is our second year to have a team in the Relay For Life, but the first year for us to have our 'Fighting For a Cure at The Mill' yard sale as our project," sald Mallory Cook, organizer of the event. "Last year, we just sold stuff from the Relay's tent, but this year, a gentleman in our church suggested we do a yard sale.
"So, we came up with the name, handed out fliers and generally put out the word about it.  Members of Crossroads Community Church started contributing items. The Lebanon Democrat ran a picture of us pricing stuff last week and from that point, people from all over town started bringing us items to put in the sale."
DeSoto's Ice Cream parlor and The Vibes Coffee House in the complex donated a percentage of their sales for the day at their establishments to the project and the Bull and Whistle restaurant made a cash donation. Leap For Joy furnished an inflatable attraction where kids could jump for five minutes for a dollar with all proceeds going to Relay For Life. Face painting was also available for the kids.
There were no large crowds at any one time and people were moving slowly due to the intense heat and humidity, but there were smiles and looks of concentration on their faces as they fingered the many items for sale. It was a place for family togetherness and for meeting old friends.
Michele Brooks Young of Lebanon was there with her mother, Betty Brooks; her daughter, Bethany Massey; and her grandson, Landon Massey.
"We're out hitting yard sales in general, but particularly wanted to come to this one since we'd seen it in the paper and knew it was for a worthy cause," said Young. Her family members all agreed, as they looked at handbags and other items.
Betty Harrell from Lebanon was looking at various items  when she ran into an old acquaintance, Harvey Asbill, also from Lebanon.
"Betty was one of my nurses during my stay at McFarland Hospital a few years ago," said Asbill. "It's good to see her."
He then turned around to point out his 1975 Chrysler he was driving that day and which he shows frequently in car shows.
"Coming here today gave me a chance to drive my car and shop for a good cause," he added.
Dianne Parness, general manager of The Mill, said, "It's wonderful to be part of a significant cause. My mother is a cancer survivor and thank God, we can say survivor. So. I'm all for anything that's going to help find a cure so more can survive."
Cook was telling of one man who came up to her and told her to keep the change from a purchase he'd made at  the yard sale.
"The American Cancer Society paid for my colonoscopy. I can help a little bit so they can pay for someone else's."
Cook said she is always amazed at the generosity of the people in Wilson County.
"In addition to the people already listed and all the people who donated items for the sale, Witt's Barbeque, West Main Garden and Kroger's all listed our sale on their signs. Kroger and Publix donated cases of water and Clayborn's Bakery donated donuts for us to sell," she said.
The actual Relay For Life benefitting the American Cancer Society is set for this Friday, June 26, from 6 p.m. till 6 a.m., Saturday, June 27, at the Castle Heights track behind Wilson Bank & Trust's main branch on West Main Street in Lebanon.


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