Lebanon Democrat app now available

The Democrat is now available at your fingertips more than ever.
Nov 9, 2013


The Democrat is now available at your fingertips more than ever.

Monday the Democrat launched it’s first app, which is available for free on iOS and Android platforms. It will also soon be available on Amazon for Kindle.

The app features four tabs across the top where readers can choose sections to view full stories that are available on the Democrat’s website. The sections are News, Sports, Our Views and Obituaries.

There are also choices along the bottom to keep the reader engaged and updated.

The News tab at the bottom gives readers all stories available on the app and the Web link tab next to it, if clicked, sends the reader to the Democrat’s actual website via the search engine on their tablet or mobile device.

The Events tab shows upcoming and past events on the calendar in the Lebanon and Wilson County areas.

An engaging aspect of the app is the Live Album tab, which allows users to send in pictures live and directly to the Democrat. Pictures can be submitted directly from a tablet or mobile device and arranged in albums pertaining to different events such as Wilson Football Live or Halloween on the Square.

Under the More tab along the bottom of the screen, users can see more options available to them within the app. Here, users can get direct links to the Democrat’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to see what’s being posted without ever having to leave the app.

Users can also select the Photos option to view pictures the Democrat has added to all of their social media sites.

Here, users can also find a map to the Democrat, ways to contact the Democrat and general information about the paper. Users can also choose to subscribe or sign up for the Democrat’s email newsletter here.


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