2:30 PM Sep 4, 2014
Pro Football Talk is reporting that Welker tested positive after using MDMA, also known as Molly, at the Kentucky Derby back in May
3:30 PM Aug 21, 2014
Mike Carey, a recently hired rules analyst for CBS Sports, spent 19 seasons as an NFL referee but did not officiate a Redskins game for nearly all of the last eight years of his career.
2:30 PM Aug 21, 2014
I did for about 30 years. It was an addictive habit.”
2:30 PM Aug 21, 2014
The legendary NFL player and coach didn’t hold back in a recent interview, telling the Redskins Historian website in no uncertain terms that Washington’s football team absolutely, positively and without a doubt should keep its name, no matter who it offends.
8:30 PM Aug 20, 2014
becoming the first Little League player to do so.
2:30 PM Aug 16, 2014
Senegal has no suspected cases of the virus but its location near countries that have been afflicted left the team with no choice, said USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo
1:30 PM Aug 16, 2014
“Even if the term ‘redskin,’ used in singular, lower case form, refers to an ethnic group, the term is not disparaging when employed as a proper noun, as a team name, in the context of professional football.”