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City to again consider second public housing officer

Mary Hinds • Updated Jul 26, 2013 at 9:57 PM

The Lebanon City Council will meet Tuesday evening for a regular meeting, which will be the last meeting for three council members who didn't seek re-election. The council will also meet Thursday evening to swear in the three newly elected members.

Several items designed to aid the Lebanon Police Department are on the agenda. Councilors will consider a second second reading of the proposal to pay half the salary for a second officer to work in public housing neighborhoods in the city. The measure was originally passed by the council last month, but the first time around, the second reading was voted down. At the last meeting, the council tried again and, again, got approval for the idea on a first reading. The council will see Tuesday if the second time is the charm.

Police Chief Scott Bowen said he is confident that the public housing officer's contract will be approved this time around. Bowen said the pubic housing officer will be chosen from the experienced officers in his ranks.

"It won't be a new officer in public housing," he said, adding that also on the agenda for the meeting is approval of hiring an officer, which only requires one reading. Once a public housing officer is chosen, the department will then have approval to hire someone to replace that officer in the ranks.

The council will also consider a line-item transfer for the police department to upgrade radio systems, and whether to approve the hiring of a corporal, to replace one who was just promoted to detective, as well as a motion to hire a dispatcher for the department to replace one who will attend the police academy in January.

Also on the agenda the council will consider:

• a second reading to amend the Lebanon Municipal Code to permit fireworks sales and use within the city limits.

• a second reading to authorize the Federal Asset Seizure Account to sell the original Fire Hall No. 2 at 112 Hartmann Drive to the gas department.

• a second readings of ordinances to purchase lighting for a city ball field, a track loader for the gas department and Gator utility vehicle for the recreation department.

• a second reading of authorization of a contact with Tyler Technologies, Inc. to buy accounting software system with necessary equipment and training costs.

• a first reading to approve a contract with the Tennessee Department of Transportation for resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation of various roads in the city.

• a second reading of a measure to buy salt brine for the street department.

The Lebanon City Council will meet Tuesday at 6 p.m. at City Hall, at 200 North Castle Heights Ave. 

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