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Wilson County Tea Party disbands

Mary Hinds • Updated Jul 26, 2013 at 9:58 PM

The Wilson County branch of the Tea Party is no more.

Members learned of the demise of the ultra conservative party that help get candidates, including state Rep. Mark Pody, elected via an email statement from one of the group's leaders. Sherry Orange announced the group was disbanding, effective immediately.

In an email to party members, Orange said with a small dedicated group of volunteers, the Tea Party has worked for three and a half years. Repeated attempts to contact Orange via phone and email failed. In an email to WCTP members, Orange explained why the party could not go forward.

“We have always hoped that others would come forward to help us, but this has not been the case. Although we’ve gotten much verbal support and our supporters have grown dramatically since 2009, few have believed in our cause enough to come forward and devote the time and physical presence necessary to show the strength in numbers needed to force positive change in our federal and state government,” Orange said in the email. "Everyone in this core group is tired and, as a result, we have made the very difficult decision that we can no longer continue running the Wilson County Tea Party. Therefore, we have decided to disband the WCTP effective immediately."

In a separate email to The Democrat, WCTP member Morton A. Goldberg said it was an unfair division of labor that pushed the bulk of the work onto a few party members.

"As is so often the case with small volunteer organizations, despite support and encouragement from many people all over the county, just a handful of people - in this case, Sherrie Orange, her husband Anthony, Cathy Sturgell, and Mikka Worthington, along with their families - ended up doing nearly all the work," Goldberg said in an email.

He also said the effectiveness of WCTP was proven with the election of Pody.

"Our county now has one less civic organization - in this case, one that punched far above its weight. Want proof? Just ask our dedicated, hard-working Rep. Mark Pody whether he thinks he could have upset then-incumbent Stratton Bone without the enthusiastic help of the Wilson County Tea Party," Goldberg said.

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