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No wheel tax decals should save county money

Mary Hinds maryhinds@lebanondemocrat.com • Updated Jul 26, 2013 at 9:59 PM

A simple move in the Wilson County clerk's office may save thousands and leave residents with less hassle at tag renewal time.

Beginning in January, Wilson County residents no longer receive a decal to prove they have paid the county's required $25 wheel tax. Wilson County Clerk Jim Goodall brought the plan before the Wilson County Commission in August, when it was approved.

Goodall said changes at the state level prompted the change in many counties.

"The legislature changed the law last year, so we revamped our process. Sumner County had been doing it this way for years," Goodall said. "The county came to every department and asked everyone to make some cuts to save money."

Goodall anticipates the change will save county taxpayers about $5,000 per year, and said the change will also save his employees from spending time inventorying and issuing the decals.

Without the decal, Goodall said a motorist's state registration sticker will serve as proof the tax was paid.

"Every little bit helps," he said.

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