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City gives final nod on ordinances

Mary E. Hinds maryhinds@lebanondemocrat.com • Updated Jul 26, 2013 at 10:06 PM

The Lebanon City Council held a special called meeting Wednesday to give final passage of several ordinances from first introduction Tuesday night.

The council authorized the Lebanon Police Department to buy a new drug-sniffing dog. It also approved buying a bomb-sniffing dog for Lebanon Public Safety.

The drug dog will cost about $7,000.

"That price includes the dog, the dog's certification, the trainer's certification and the dog's initial training," said police Chief Scott Bowen.

The money for both dogs comes from the city's drug fund without cost to taxpayers, according to Bowen. The chief said one seizure of cash from a drug dealer would probably pay for the dog. Bowen has previously said he was thinking of not replacing the recently retired dog the department was using, but a drug case changed his mind.

"We had an incident the other day where we needed a drug dog, so we called the county sheriff's department and used their dog," Bowen said. "But we can't always use their dog – there could be times the handler is unavailable."

Bowen said the drug dog can search homes, cars and schools for drugs and would be used for that purpose only. He said the bomb dog would have only one job as well – finding explosives.

"[Public Safety Coordinator] Mike Justice wants a bomb dog," Bowen said. "After what happened in Boston, it's something we believe we need."

The council also approved:

• modifications to certain fees for the building inspection and planning departments that would go into effect July 1.

• bids for four pipe and cable locators for the Lebanon Water Department.

• a one-year extension for the existing contract with Onsite Environmental for fats, oils and grease treatment, disposal and resource recovery program.

• the execution of a professional services agreement with Monitoring and Management Services, LLC for an evaluation and recommendations to the city's fats, oils and grease program.

• a line-item transfer for the Building Maintenance Department to replace a drive-through awning.

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