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Mt. Juliet police erase local tagging

Laurie Everett • Updated Jul 31, 2013 at 8:25 AM

Mt. Juliet police spent Tuesday cleaning graffiti at two locations in Mt. Juliet.

The act of "tagging" with spray paint is a form of vandalism and is against the law, said Mt. Juliet police spokesperson Tyler Chandler. He said that while these two incidences of tagging weren't gang-related, they were unsightly and he received citizen complaints.

The first location was on Interstate 40 at the Central Pike interchange. The other was on a stone wall near Providence and Interstate 40, said Chandler.

Most of the tagging were monikers the taggers spray painted to let others know they were there.

"No, these are not gang-related at all," said Chandler. "But they give citizens an idea there might be gangs and related violence. We just wanted to make them go away."

Chandler said they went to Lowes and picked up paint that would match the concrete and set to work for about an hour, erasing what they believed was damage by some local teens.

Chandler said most of the time if a tagger sees someone's moniker, they will tag beside it.

"Then it all starts to multiply like a virus, and it gets out of control and ugly," said Chandler.

He said he couldn't decipher what the words were, but he did not think they were not racial slurs or vulgarities.

Last month, a 17-year-old male was arrested for tagging areas at Providence Marketplace multiple times. A citizen tip helped catch the tagger. He faces felony vandalism charges.

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