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Budget still on county board of education agenda

Caitlin Rickard • Dec 15, 2015 at 2:02 PM

The Wilson County Education Committee adjusted the county board of education’s budget at their meeting Thursday.

After their second review of the proposed budget for county schools, the committee voted 5-2 to reduce the budget's Cafeteria Fund by $500,000.

Deputy Director of Schools Mickey Hall said the $500,000 in the budget was for a discretionary fund for Watertown.

At the last board of education meeting, the board also added a $455,000 increase in the Cafeteria Fund that would allocate $155,000 to Rutland Elementary School for a new parking lot and $300,000 to West Wilson Middle for work on its athletic complex.

Commissioner Jeff Joines said he didn’t feel comfortable giving away that much money without a specific purpose on what to use it on.

The board will be allowed to bring up the $500,000 again at any time when they come up with a more detailed allowance for the funds.

The committee voted to send the budget with only the $500,000 reduction to the Budget Committee for review.

The board of education will first need to review and confirm the changes at their meeting Monday before the Budget Committee’s Tuesday meeting.

The board of education will meet Monday at 5 p.m. at the Wilson County Board of Education.

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