Sales tax revenues fall for second month

Jared Felkins • Updated Oct 15, 2013 at 6:04 PM

Wilson County’s sales tax revenues in September continued a downward trend but remained somewhat higher compared to the same time a year ago.

The Tennessee Department of Revenue released Monday sales tax collections for Wilson County that showed totals for September decreased nearly $400,000 compared to August’s $3.4 million, July’s $3.62 million, June’s $3.1 million and April’s $3.16 million but remained higher than May’s nearly $3 million, March’s $2.66 million and February’s $2.68 million.

The year started on a high with $3.87 million collected in January due to leftover revenues from holiday shopping.

Compared to a year ago, Wilson County’s sales tax revenues increased by more than $200,000.

Lebanon again led the way with the highest amount of sales tax collections among Wilson County cities with nearly $1.6 million in September, which was basically flat compared to August, down from $2 million in July and  $1.6 million in June but up from $1.5 million in May.

Mt. Juliet’s collections – at $1.13 million in September – decreased from $1.4 million in August, $1.3 million in June and $1.26 million in May. It remained behind January’s $1.67 million.

Watertown collections totaled more than $23,000 in September, which was basically flat compared to August, down from $26,000 collected in July and down from more than $30,000 collected in June, but was up about $4,000 compared to May figures.

Collections in unincorporated areas of Wilson County, at nearly $331,000 in September, showed a decrease of about $43,000 compared to August figures.

Sales Tax Revenues: At a Glance

The following are total sales tax collections by month in Wilson County for the past year:

September             $3.04 million

August                     $3.4 million

July                           $3.62 million

June                         $3.1 million

May                           $3 million

April                          $3.16 million

March                       $2.66 million

February                  $2.68 million

January                    $3.87 million

December                $2.86 million

November                $2.7 million

October                     $2.92 million

September (2012)   $2.81 million

Source: Tennessee Department of Revenue, Joint Economic Development Board of Wilson County

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