Building inspectors get highest audit marks

Staff Reports • Updated Nov 11, 2013 at 10:14 PM

The Lebanon Building Inspection Office received the highest possible marks when audited recently by the state Fire Marshal’s Office. 

The SFMO conducts on-site audits at jurisdictions, which are exempt from state building plan review every three years. Qualified jurisdictions are able to receive exemption from state plan review submittal and conduct their own local plan review. In order to receive exemption, the city must go through an initial extensive audit process, must employ properly certified inspectors and meet high quality standards. 

By holding the exemption, it speeds up the plan review process that contractors must go through before obtaining a building permit. 

Lebanon is one of the few jurisdictions in the state to hold the exemption. This has proven to be beneficial to contractors and businesses wishing to locate in Lebanon, especially those on a fast-track type of build. The state reserves the right to revoke the exemption any time they find the jurisdiction does not meet the requirements.

During the recent audit, state officials spent a day with Chief Building Official Danny Raines and Building Plans Examiner Ray Hubner and determined the office meets or exceeds all state standards in all audit categories.

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