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Grand jury indicts five former corrections officers

Staff Reports • Dec 15, 2015 at 2:10 PM

KNOXVILLE – Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents conducted an investigation, which led to a Grainger County grand jury indicting five former Grainger County Jail corrections officers. The grand jury met Wednesday.

On Nov. 11, at the request of District Attorney General James B. Dunn, TBI agents started an investigation into official misconduct of corrections officers present when three inmates escaped from the Grainger County Jail on Nov. 1.

The investigation revealed former corrections officer Michael Sane allowed inmates to leave the jail by opening the outside door for inmates who would then scale the outside fence to pick up contraband. Those inmates would bring the contraband inside the jail to sell to other inmates. Additionally, he accepted bribes from inmates, according to TBI agenst.

Former corrections officer Tyler Farrow was indicted for having knowledge of inmates with contraband and refraining from performing his duties by law. During the investigation, it was discovered former corrections officer Jessie Cummings had sexual contact with inmates.

Additionally, former corrections officer Joshua Bumgardner was found to have intentionally allowed a female inmate to indecently expose herself to him.

Finally, during the course of the investigation, it was revealed current patrol deputy Jake Layel stole cash during a cell search for contraband.

All five individuals were also formally charged with official misconduct. They remained Thursday in the Grainger County Jail.

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