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Retired county commissioner endorses Breeze

Laurie Everett leverett@mtjulietnews.com • Updated Jan 17, 2014 at 11:09 AM

District 18 County Commissioner Adam Bannack recently resigned because he moved out of the district, and his seat needs to be filled on an interim bases until the Aug. 7 election. 

Bannack has endorsed a Mt. Juliet businesswoman to fill his seat. Lauren Breeze is his choice to fulfill the district’s representation. Breeze is a wife and mother and holds an MBA in Global Business and Management. She’s very invested in the community and works on a Wilson County Schools committee.

“I have known Lauren for two years and worked with her in multiple capacities,” said Bannack. “During that time I have found her to be professional, hard working, research driven and organized. I believe all of these attributes, as well as her passion for our community, would serve her well in finishing my term as commissioner.”

Breeze said she’s already pulled her petition and will officially run for the position in August. However, in the meantime she said she would be honored to finish out Bannack’s term.

“According to The University of Tennessee Center for Business and Economic Research, Wilson County’s population in 2010 was 113,993,” said Breeze.  “By 2025 population is projected to be 150,223 (31.8 percent increase) and by 2050 the projection is 201,324 (76.6 percent increase from 2010). I feel it is important to plan for this growth to ensure that our schools, Sheriff’s department, WEMA, roads and county infrastructure continue to provide the high quality service that we enjoy today. As a commissioner I will make sure my constituency has a voice as the county court makes decisions to better the quality of life in Wilson County.”

Breeze is a former merchant marine and served on the Lakeview Elementary PTO. She’s also been a Cub Scout leader and co-founded Nashville Fun for Families website. She also orchestrated the Engineering for Kids program that is currently at Charlie Daniels Park. Most recently she’s been involved in the Wilson County Schools Community Engagement Committee for the 2020 Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

“The more I became involved in the school system I became interested in the county as well,” said Breeze. “Wilson County feels like home.”

Others who have picked up a petition for the seat are Michael Cole and Terrell Muncher. 

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