Epic Technologies educates customers to be aware of fraudulent bills from telecommunications carriers

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:58 PM

COOKEVILLE – Epic Technologies, an industry leader in unified communications, announced the region’s businesses should be aware of fraudulent bills coming from companies posing as telecommunications carriers.

Impersonators attempt to defraud organizations, and Epic Technologies is determined to make sure its customers are aware of this threat. The Department of Consumer Protection launched an investigation into a company calling itself “UST” or “US Telecom,” which claimed invoices were for preventive maintenance on existing telephone systems. As a result, Epic Technologies warns all of its customers and the business community it serves.

Many organizations find themselves overworked, pressed for time and unable to catch every single detail. Unfortunately, this leaves room for scams like this to occur. The perpetrating company, “UST” had posed as “US Telecom” in an effort to go unnoticed while collecting illegitimate revenues. The scheme exploited the commonplace nature of preventative maintenance invoices, which are regularly sent out by telecommunications carriers and broadband providers alike.

“The reason they were able to pull a stunt like this was because they took advantage of the fact that CEOs and other executives simply have too many things that require their attention,” stated Don Viar, managing partner of Epic Technologies. “This is exactly why we meet with our customers on a regular basis to review, analyze and consult on their telecommunications and Internet connectivity bills. While we can see things like this coming from a mile away, our customers are too busy growing their businesses.”

Epic Technologies has differentiated itself over the years by aligning its interests with its customers’ interests.

“We’ve always looked to partner with our customers, so we can be their trusted resource, not just their technology supplier,” said Viar. “Our goal is to share our expertise with everyone in our business community, and over the years we’ve found that whether we do business with someone or we just help them understand their own business communications infrastructure better, people tend to enjoy our interactions. As experts, we consider it our duty to watch out for scams like this and to make sure our community is protected.”

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