City schools to offer health care services workshop

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:01 PM

A workshop is set to allow parents to tour and learn about the Telemedicine Clinic available to Lebanon students. 

“Many parents have not yet plugged in to utilize our on-site services,” said Tammy Grow, Lebanon school health coordinator. “Coordinated School Health works with the Lebanon Special School District Family Resource Center. Together, we wanted to get the word out to parents about these valuable and convenient services. Hosting a parent workshop where parents can tour the Telemedicine Clinic and ask questions of health and mental health care providers is a great way to let parents know about these new interventions.”

Guest speakers will include Carrie Loundsbury, a school-based therapist with Centerstone; Sheena Sloan with the Doctor’s Office school-based health center; Sheila Neal, Lebanon nursing supervisor; and Grow.

The workshop will be Monday from 6-7:30 p.m. at Winfree Bryant Middle School. The workshop is open to anyone who has a child enrolled in Lebanon Special School District. The workshop, childcare and refreshments are free. To RSVP, contact Beth Petty at 615-453-2693 or pettyb@k12tn.net. For more information about clinics and counseling, contact Grow at 615-444-6073 or growt@k12tn.net.

Lebanon Special School District, in collaboration with Community Progress Committee, Inc. – a local nonprofit organization – received a $500,000 equipment grant from the federal government through Health Resources and Services Administration: School-Based Health Center Capital Program to fully equip school-based health centers in the system with telemedicine.

Telemedicine uses state-of-the-art technology to assist the district in attending to the needs of its students. The telemedicine connection is a secure, two-way video link with the child and the school nurse on one end, and a medical provider on the other. During a telemedicine visit, a child can be screened, examined, diagnosed, treated and monitored. Special equipment gives the medical provider the ability to examine the childʼs ears, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, etc. 

Based on the availability and discretion of a school nurse, a child can be seen through telemedicine for concerns such as cuts, abrasions, rashes, pink eye, coughs, cold, strep throat, earaches and flu-like symptoms. The Doctorʼs Office, under the direction of Dr. Wayne Wells, serves as the primary base site for primary care telemedicine services.

Once parents complete the appropriate paperwork, all Lebanon students are eligible to be seen at the SBHCs. Service fees will be billed by commercial insurance (BlueCross, United Health, etc.) as well as TennCare or CoverKids coverage. For students without insurance, services will be provided on a sliding scale based on your income information, with a minimal charge for lab services. No child will be denied service with appropriate parental permission.

In addition to health care, Lebanon schools also provide on-site mental health counseling. Centerstone Counseling offers school-based services within the LSSD schools to help provide mental health counseling for children and adolescents. A therapist is placed within each of the schools to help students overcome behavioral, emotional or social problems that interfere with success at school and at home. 

Services are beneficial to students by offering counseling in a familiar setting with little interruption to their school day. 

Counseling services address a wide range of issues, such as anger, aggression, ADHD, depression, social skills, trauma, anxiety, divorce adjustment, grief and others. These services are billed through the student’s insurance.

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