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What's for Dinner?: Summer asparagus

Justin Ferguson • Updated May 20, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Did you know when you buy fresh asparagus, it should be cut? Usually people cut 3-4 inches from the base. 

However, if you have grown asparagus or have been around someone who has, you will probably know a trick. 

When you buy the asparagus, grab a few sticks and bend them how you would spaghetti. It will naturally break in the best spot. The best spot will be between the hard base and softer edible part. 

Give this recipe a shot, and see if you love asparagus again.

Summer Asparagus


1 bundle of fresh asparagus

½ pint of cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp. blended oil

1-2 ounces white wine (Sauvignon Blanc)

salt and pepper to taste

1 ounce of butter


Add oil to a sauté pan and heat on medium high. After breaking asparagus, slowly set it in the pan, rolling them around. When the asparagus starts to turn light green, add the cherry tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and white wine. Let the wine reduce until it’s almost gone. Add the butter and toss until the butter is melted. Serve warm. 

Justin Ferguson is a Nashville native who now lives in Wilson County. A professionally trained chef specializing in farm-to-table cuisine and molecular gastronomy, he now provides restaurant consulting services and is operations manager for Vin Fine Wine & Spirits in Lebanon. Email him at wilsoncountycritic@gmail.com. For more than 1,500 other recipes, visit lebanondemocrat.com/recipecentral. 

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