Stommel joins Feed My Sheep

Staff Reports • May 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Feed My Sheep Counseling Services at 4983 Lebanon Pike in Old Hickory welcomed Pastor Gary Stommel to its staff of licensed pastoral counselors. He joins Dr. Laura Hart and Kathleen Stommel.

Pastor Gary Stommel joins the staff of Feed My Sheep Counseling Services, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Now in his fifth decade of life, he has lived a plethora experiences living in a multitude of social environments working, in a variety of career fields.

Gary was raised on a dairy farm in WI and understands the day to day tension of relying on weather and the economy to make ends meet (as well as 12-15 hour days!).  The sixth of seven children, he lived the multifaceted challenge that big families can bring.  He enlisted in the Air Force at 18 and understands many issues that veterans face.  To date, he has lived in six different states, living in cities as small as 350 people and as large as over a million people.  

In 1994, he answered the call to pastor a church in south-central Kentucky where served for 16 years.  During that tenure, Pastor Gary had the opportunity to counsel hundreds of people with a variety of life-controlling issues.  Recognizing that life can be both difficult and complicated at times, Pastor Gary became a student of counseling, attending seminars, reading many books, and asking lots of questions in an effort to equip himself to be a tool of God for the rescuing of those in distress, those that are dealing with a small challenge, and those that find themselves stuck.

An area of great interest and study for Gary is life coaching.  In fact, before life coaching became an identifiable discipline, Gary told his counselees that he felt his style was one of coaching rather than counseling.  Through training, Pastor Gary has learned to do both effectively; counseling and coaching.  Simply put, counseling addresses some sort of trauma where coaching helps the person move from where they are to where they feel God wanting them to be.

Pastor Gary is a serious student of the Bible and relies heavily upon it in his counseling/coaching practice.  Recognizing and believing that God has a plan for each created person’s life; it is Gary’s desire to see everyone fulfill that God-called purpose for their life.  He is an honors graduate of Bethany College, Santa Cruz, CA, is enrolled in a maters program through Cornerstone University, Lake Charles, LA and a masters level coaching clinic.  He has a great deal of experience in marriage and family, child raising issues, substance abuse and addiction, anger management, depression, PTSD, adults that suffered abuse as a child, as well as life coaching, career coaching, family coaching, and financial coaching.  He is equipped to work with teens and adults, referring younger children to his wife and counseling partner Kathleen Stommel, MA.

Pastor Gary is ordained with the General Council of the Assemblies of God and is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor that utilizes Creation Therapy that begins and ends with the assumption that we are created by God and we are created on purpose for a purpose.

If you’d like more information, you can visit the Feed My Sheep Counseling Services website at feedmysheep.info or you can contact Pastor Gary directly at (615)881-5619 or garystommel@gmail.com.

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