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What's for Dinner?: Cherry bacon chutney

Justin Ferguson • Updated May 30, 2014 at 12:27 PM

Cherries. Bacon. What is not to like? This is a dish that people even request from me now. 

It can be served as a side dish with cheeses, with crackers as chutney, or if you feel adventurous, on a grilled cheese. That’s my favorite. 

Why is it I use dried cherries and not fresh? You want the cherries to absorb the flavor of bacon and wine. 

Now this dish is something that by name sounds weird, but once you or your guests smell it, they will ask you for the recipe. 

My recommendation is to set the chutney out about 30-45 minutes prior to eating.

Cherry Bacon Chutney


2  pounds of dried cherries

1 pound of applewood bacon, cooked and diced

1 cup of white wine, Sauvignon Blanc

2 cups of water or stock

salt and pepper to taste


In a sauce pot, heat bacon, cherries and wine until the wine starts to steam.

Add water, preferably hot water, to cover the cherries.

Turn to low heat, and let sit until the cherries absorb all the moisture, stirring occasionally.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

For an amazing presentation, place in canning jars, and store in the refrigerator.

Justin Ferguson is a Nashville native who now lives in Wilson County. A professionally trained chef specializing in farm-to-table cuisine and molecular gastronomy, he now provides restaurant consulting services and is operations manager for Vin Fine Wine & Spirits in Lebanon. Email him at wilsoncountycritic@gmail.com. For more than 1,500 other recipes, visit lebanondemocrat.com/recipecentral.

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