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What's for Dinner?: Fried mac and cheese

Justin Ferguson • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:38 PM

Last week, I told you how to make amazing mac and cheese. 

Now we will use those leftovers and turn them into a yummy snack. 

This recipe is by request to Paul; good fried mac and cheese is hard to find in Lebanon. This is great as a snack or a side item to a meal.


leftover mac and cheese formed into a rectangle

three eggs

2 ounces of water

2 cups of flour

4 cups of fine-grade panko

1 tablespoon of salt and pepper


Whisk eggs and water into a bowl. Next, add salt and pepper into a different bowl.

In a third bowl, add salt and pepper to panko. Cut squares out of your mac and cheese.

Cover the cut squares of mac and cheese with flour, and then dunk them in the eggs.

Then coat them in panko. Repeat two to three times. You do not want to see flour under the panko.

Set aside until all the squares are coated, and place in the refrigerator to chill. Fry in a fryer until golden brown.

Justin Ferguson is a Nashville native who now lives in Wilson County. A professionally trained chef specializing in farm-to-table cuisine and molecular gastronomy, he now provides restaurant consulting services and is former operations manager for Vin Fine Wine & Spirits in Lebanon. Email him at wilsoncountycritic@gmail.com. For more than 1,500 other recipes, visit lebanondemocrat.com/recipecentral.

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