Music City’s popular Peach Truck returns

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:42 PM

The Peach Truck is back and marks the start of peach season in Middle Tennessee and beyond. Fresh, straight-from-the farm Georgia peaches are available all summer to residents outside of the Peach State without a middleman thanks to a Nashville couple with Georgia roots.

Jessica and Stephen Rose own and operate The Peach Truck and transport the fruit with love and care from the Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, Ga., to Nashville, and they’ve been doing it since 2012.

This year, they’ve expanded locations here and for the first time, are bringing fresh-from-the-tree peaches directly to residents in 73 small towns throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio beginning in late June.

“We started The Peach Truck with the simple idea that people should be able to access fresh Georgia peaches right off the tree. Nashville was the start of that vision, and we’re thrilled that folks across Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio will have access to the same experience.”

Stephen Rose could not believe, when he moved to Nashville, the scarcity of fresh peaches. Once he took Jessica Rose home and she experienced the peaches herself, they decided they would make it their mission to bring the taste to Nashville.

“Actually,” Stephen said, “your first bite into a fresh Georgia peach is more than a taste, it is an experience.”

The couple traded in their car for an old Jeep truck and began selling the fresh fruit by the bagful, and Nashville fell in love. Demand was intense. Within the first five weeks of their business, they sold more than ten tons of peaches. Jessica and Stephen Rose don’t have a retail space, so they bring the fruit directly to peach lovers in Nashville at a variety of farmer’s markets and other special locations.

Their website, thepeachtruck.com, features a complete schedule of where the vintage truck will be throughout the metro area with its luscious produce. A line- up of their “Small Town Peach Tour” to 73 markets is also available.

Whether fans of the summer fruit love to use or bake peaches into their favorite recipes, pies or desserts, or enjoy the simple, all-encompassing pleasure that comes from biting into a sweet and juicy fresh peach, The Peach Truck is the best source for the produce outside of Georgia.

There are only three months to enjoy these peaches during the season. The Peach Truck is literally that, a truck full of peaches transported from Georgia to Nashville and sold to consumers right out the back. No middlemen. No mark up. And most important, no unnecessary handling that risks the possibility of bruising one single peach.

Established in 2012, The Peach Truck is owned by Nashville residents Jessica and Stephen Rose. Their mission is to bring fresh and delicious Georgia peaches to Nashville area residents and beyond. Raised near a fifth-generation family peach farm, it is incomprehensible to Stephen Rose that anyone cannot personally experience the pleasure of eating a fresh-from-the-tree Georgia peach so he and Jessica Rose are changing that – one peach at a time.

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