Local testing laboratory vice president assists with drinking water seminars in Japan

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 7:04 PM

Judy Morgan, vice president and chief regulatory officer with ESC Lab Sciences in Mt. Juliet was recently asked to travel to Japan to help Agilent Technologies Inc. educate its customers.  

ESC Lab Sciences is one of the top 10 environmental contract testing laboratories in the U.S. It’s one of the leaders in adopting new testing methods and running a “paperless laboratory.” In addition, it is a pioneer in the U.S. contract lab industry for Green Initiatives.

Agilent is a global manufacturer of analytical test equipment. Their equipment is routinely used in testing water for trace inorganic and organic contaminants. 

A trade association of water testing laboratories in Japan approached Agilent requesting information regarding drinking water methods in the U.S. Because Japan recently introduced new legislation that required drinking water laboratories to follow a new method validation process, the trade association wanted to better understand the QA/QC required for the U.S. EPA drinking water methods.

In addition, the trade association was facing new competition from a European-based contract-testing lab that recently opened in Tokyo. The association was interested in understanding how test labs in the U.S. and Europe were maximizing their productivity.

Agilent responded by organizing a seminar in Tokyo for the members of the Association of Inspection and Testing of Drinking Water Supply. 

Its members work for municipal water departments and for private testing labs. Agilent also scheduled a private meeting with the senior board member of the association the day before the seminar. This private meeting allowed these senior managers the opportunity to question Morgan about a variety of topics related to water testing in the U.S.

More than 75 members of this laboratory association attended the eight-hour seminar in Tokyo. Through an interpreter, Morgan delivered a 2.5-hour presentation on U.S. drinking water methods. Other seminar topics included applications for analysis of trace metals in water, how to create a paperless reporting lab and the analysis of volatile organic contaminants in water. Joe Weitzel, Agilent global environmental manager, gave a presentation on the history of U.S. EPA methods and the creation of environmental contract laboratories.

While in Japan, Morgan was asked to speak with the Agilent sales staff and present information on the Green Initiatives at ESC Labs.

On the second day, the Agilent Japan team invited a select group of valued customers to a seminar to hear talks by both Morgan and Weitzel on the U.S. contract laboratory testing industry. Morgan focused on how her laboratory has used automation and a sophisticated computerized data system to enable productivity gains.  

While in Tokyo, Morgan and Weitzel met with the Japanese government scientist responsible for developing the Japan drinking water methods. He had many questions about U.S. drinking water testing methods especially those utilizing the technique of LC/MS.

Between the seminars and meeting with customers, Morgan had an opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing in Tokyo.

Morgan was able to help Agilent provide value to its customers.

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