12:00 PM Nov 29, 2015
Still stuffed with turkey and too many trimmings? I find myself more mindful of my blessings this time of year.
10:05 AM Nov 22, 2015
Hurry, hurry it’s not too late. No that’s not what was overheard in the turkey lot this week from a group of fat, feathered gobblers digging their way under the fence and out to freedom.
12:00 PM Nov 14, 2015
How do you become a successful company?
10:00 AM Nov 8, 2015
United Way of Wilson County and the Upper Cumberland has more than just a new name. We have 11 new counties added to our service area for one thing, and we have several improvements to how we provide service to the community.
12:00 PM Nov 1, 2015
We are asked a lot about volunteer opportunities at United Way of Wilson County and the Upper Cumberland.
10:00 AM Oct 25, 2015
During the past week I’ve driven all over Wilson County to deliver United Way campaign materials to our educators. In other words, we are once again visiting educators, in hopes of raising funds to continue supporting approximately 30 local programs which serve Wilson County folks. In the case of educators, we expect there will be many designations to our education programs since they see, first hand, the impact of programs such as Students Taking A Right Stand (STARS), Kids on the Block, Homework Hotline, Books from Birth, the Second Harvest Backpack program and at least two local after school tutoring programs.
10:00 AM Oct 18, 2015
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. With that in mind, allow me to introduce Beverly – not her real name – who is now financially independent, and she and her two children are safe. Their family has come a long way since she escaped an abusive relationship and found support and counseling from a United Way partner program that helps victims of domestic violence.
10:00 AM Oct 10, 2015
My uncle used to say he’d never known a tired day, which was his way of saying he’d never felt exhausted. I’ve always found this hard to believe since I knew he worked extremely hard for much of his life. However, I think it was his attitude.
10:00 AM Oct 4, 2015
I will turn 53 in October. I prefer carrot cake in case you’re wondering. In my 50s, I notice I do quite a bit of reflection. Why did I dot that thing or not do something else? I also question my decisions with United Way. That probably sounds a little ominous so allow me to explain.
10:00 AM Sep 25, 2015
Do you know anyone who is selfless in his or her giving and community spirit? Maybe there’s a senior who goes way beyond the normal volunteering efforts. Perhaps you know someone who saw a need in our community and decided to do something about it not for money but for the good of Wilson County and their neighbors and friends.
10:00 AM Sep 20, 2015
Remember the real milestones in your life? I don’t mean graduating high school or college, getting married or building a house. I mean the things you were really excited about.
2:00 PM Sep 13, 2015
John McMillin is president of United Way of Wilson County and the Upper Cumberland. Email him at jmunitedway@bellsouth.net.
10:00 AM Sep 6, 2015
John McMillin is president of United Way of Wilson County and the Upper Cumberland. Email him at jmunitedway@bellsouth.net.
10:00 AM Aug 16, 2015
Misunderstanding is an easy thing to do, and it’s so easy to be complacent about not ensuring that people know what it is you’re talking about. For example, for years I just knew that Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising contained the verse: “…there’s a bathroom on the right.” I think a lot of people made that mistake actually.
12:00 PM Aug 9, 2015
Over the years, United Ways across the nation routinely began their fundraising campaigns in late summer of every given year. The Internet has changed that quite a bit since people and companies want to be able to give when the time is right for them.
12:00 PM Aug 2, 2015
We at United Way of Wilson County rely on people calling 211, one of United Way’s programs, to assist hundreds of people every month in finding help. Still, people call our office on a regular basis looking for help with questions that, for the most part, stem from poverty.
10:00 AM Jul 19, 2015
I think I grew up in a great time, one of the best in history. We had the benefit of just enough technology without being overwhelmed by it. I suppose I’m dating myself if I say “these days,” but I can’t help it. These days, it seems children are almost required to be tech savvy. The pressure for our children to succeed exists more than ever. One could say that this is natural part of the human existence. As we progress in time we also must progress in intelligence along with our capabilities.