10:30 AM Sep 3, 2014
To suggest that venomous snakes are harmless is utter nonsense, and anyone who takes such babble seriously better stay out of snake country.
12:30 PM Sep 2, 2014
Aug. 23 dawned clear and bright, a dazzling bluebird morning.
8:30 AM Aug 28, 2014
Dove season opens Sept. 1
12:30 PM Aug 27, 2014
This unique fungus, spotted during a state park hike, made an interesting photograph.
from ferns to fungus, from chittering chipmunks to tiny birds that peck microscopic insects from tree bark.
8:30 AM Aug 26, 2014
Squirrel season is open in Tennessee.
You'd be surprised -- well, maybe not -- how many squirrel hunters don't bother cooking squirrels' heads.
1:30 PM Aug 22, 2014
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s annual Free Hunting Day is Saturday.
8:30 AM Aug 21, 2014
Denney took Hutcherson and her father on a spring turkey hunt on his farm, fulfilling one of her dying wishes.
11:30 AM Aug 20, 2014
Even a harmless green snake can be aggressive when disturbed.
Woody snaps back at letter writer
10:30 AM Aug 15, 2014
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is joining the Nature Conservancy in part of a nationwide effort to focus on wildlife conservation.
8:30 AM Aug 14, 2014
Percy Priest, where islands and lakeshores are often used as picnic areas and overnight camping, is being turned into a garbage dump
10:30 AM Aug 13, 2014
Any kind of snake, even a harmless one like this common blue racer, makes some folks jittery.
the toilet's not big enough for both of you.
10:30 AM Aug 9, 2014
Tennessee has three of the nation's top 16 crappie lakes,
9:30 AM Aug 8, 2014
Cats -- ranging from domestic pets to stray ferals -- are natural-born predators.
8:30 AM Aug 5, 2014
Fly fishermen also are obsessed with leader size, line weights, rod lengths, exotic knots, aquatic bugs, barbless hooks, short shanks, backing, reel ratios, matching the hatch and reading the water.
9:30 AM Aug 1, 2014
Linda England dies
9:30 AM Jul 31, 2014
The growing obsession with trophy antlers stirs debate.
William "Spook" Spann of Dickson claims the actions of the TWRA and some of its personnel cost him "lost revenue, damage to his reputation, humiliation and anxiety."
9:30 AM Jul 30, 2014
A boat heads out for some nighttime fishing.
the mid-day heat had been stifling and oppressive, to the point of being downright dangerous.