10:30 AM Jan 23, 2014
Tennessee's first-ever hunting season for Sandhill Cranes barely put a dent in the birds' numbers.
A Sandhill Crane bagged during Tennessee's inaugural hunt will be prepared on an upcoming episode of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman" on the Travel Channel.
10:30 AM Jan 22, 2014
Icicles frozen on a limestone ledge is nature's thermometer.
Getting dunked during warm weather is merely a nuisance; getting dunked when the temperature hovers in single digits can be fatal.
12:30 PM Jan 17, 2014
Deer harvest down:
11:30 AM Jan 16, 2014
This raccoon visited a porch deck to pilfer some dog food. Such wild creatures are interesting to observe, but are prohibited as pets.
I empathize with him -- I remember how attached I became to Squiffy -- but the TWRA regulation is sound and should be enforced. Capturing and attempting to make pets of wild critters is a bad idea, for a couple of reasons:
9:30 AM Jan 15, 2014
Ice forming in creeks is pretty, but signals rough weather for outdoorsmen.
It was a frustrating end to a season that deer hunters had looked forward to for so long, and it reinforced what a lot of us have been campaigning for: an earlier start.
10:30 AM Jan 9, 2014
The Wilson County Friends of the NRA will be honored at a Nashville banquet next month, recognized for making the "National High Caliber Club" for the first time.
10:30 AM Jan 8, 2014
A young hunter totes a big gobbler bagged during last year's Hunting for a Cure. Preparations for this spring's 10th annual hunt are underway.
Every time I chat with Mike and Barney, I come away with a refreshed appreciation for the innate goodness in folks -- the "better angels of our nature" as Lincoln put it.
11:30 AM Jan 7, 2014
Rare albino deer like this one are protected in Tennessee.
I've been around deer hunters all of my adult life, and never once heard one say he would like to kill an albino deer -- just the opposite
10:30 AM Jan 3, 2014
Youth deer hunt: A final Young Sportsman deer hunt is set for Jan 11-12. The regular state-wide deer season ends Jan.5.
9:30 AM Dec 31, 2013
If you don't like something or someone on TV, turn the channel.
9:30 AM Dec 27, 2013
The application period is underway for 2014 spring quota turkey hunts.
10:30 AM Dec 24, 2013
Buddy the Lab curls up by the fire with a good book.
When we got Buddy, I imagined him being a faithful outdoors companion over the years, at my side in the woods and on the water. It hasn't turned out that way.
1:30 PM Dec 20, 2013
Wildlife Commissioner resigns
9:30 AM Dec 18, 2013
I don't want to brag, but I think I've been pretty good this year.
11:30 AM Dec 13, 2013
Winter sauger fishing is at hand, with some of the prime fishing in swift tail-waters below dams, and fishermen are reminded that life jackets must be worn at all times when entering such areas.
8:30 AM Dec 7, 2013
A Highland Rim race truck proved to be a popular attraction during a recent visit to Lebanon's Southside Elementary School.
"This past season didn't just meet expectations, it exceeded them in every way," says Cunningham, who owns and operates the Ridgetop racetrack with partner Jerry Crisswell.
1:30 PM Dec 6, 2013
Deer harvest down Windmills killing eagles