11:30 AM Jan 6, 2015
It takes a hardy fisherman to after sauger in the freezing, finger-numbing winter months. There might be some other words to him, but I'll be nice. I'll confess: I've done considerable sauger fishing over the years, but not much recently. It  seems the cold is colder than it used to be. Must be Global Aging. When I was a kid my uncles and I used to go sauger fishing in the Tennessee River in the fast currents below Watts Bar Dam. The technique we used was to cast hand-tied hair jigs upstream and bump them a
the thrill comes when a fish suddenly "thumps" a jig or minnow as it bumps the bottom.
9:30 AM Jan 3, 2015
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency continues to work on the problem of declining quail populations
12:45 PM Jan 2, 2015
With the number of quail in decline in Tennessee and across the South, more and more hunters are debating whether it’s worth the expense, time and effort to breed, train and maintain a kennel of bird dogs.
9:30 AM Dec 30, 2014
Clarence Dies sets a trap along a river bank.
an estimated 2,000 other professional trappers across Tennessee -- are a living link to our frontier history.
1:30 PM Dec 26, 2014
(Photo courtesy of Larry Woody) The TWRA’s range of duties has expanded over the years and it has been forced to do more and more with a limited budget.
After a decade of belt-tightening and facing rising costs in operation, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is seeking a slight increase in hunting and fishing licenses and related fees and permits.
10:30 AM Dec 24, 2014
Hatchery-raised trout stocked by the TWRA are fun to catch and delicious to eat.
The scrappy little trout are fun to catch and great to eat, and this winter there will be about 90,000 of them out there for the taking.
12:30 PM Dec 18, 2014
Carroll Whitener was an enthusiastic outdoorsman.
Wilson County sportsman Carroll Whitener, noted for his outgoing personality and his dedication to the outdoors, died last week.
10:30 AM Dec 17, 2014
Deer have become over-populated in many Midstate communties, which are searching for solutions to the problem.
The animal-rights crowd opposes killing the deer, and so Hendersonville is right back where it started, with no solution in sight.
11:30 AM Dec 16, 2014
in hunting and in life.
10:30 AM Dec 12, 2014
Submitted to The Democrat These members of the Cedar City Straights, a trap-shooting team comprised of Wilson County youngsters, finished third in a recent competition: Wyatt Dixon, Timothy Whitlock, Chandler Shelton, Justin Sammons, Jackson Holland.
Fall turkey harvest down:
12:30 PM Dec 11, 2014
It was the kind of day that only a penguin could love – cold, raw and blustery – but despite the frigid weather, the fishing was hot.
11:30 AM Dec 9, 2014
Producing big "trophy" antlers is at least part of the motivation for deer farms.
the issue is sure to eventually crop up in Tennessee where such farms are banned.
8:30 AM Dec 4, 2014
With deer gun season underway and another good harvest predicted, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation reminds hunters to consider donating a deer or portion of a deer to Hunters for the Hungry.
11:30 AM Dec 3, 2014
Cummins Falls is one of Tennessee's numerous state parks that are open year-round and free to the public.
Mornings are crisp, but temperatures warm up by mid-day, perfect for hiking and wildlife-watching
11:30 AM Dec 2, 2014
Bagging a buck is a prize, but not always best-shared with the public.
It's OK to show off his deer to his hunting buddies, but it's not OK to shove it under the nose of the general public, some of whom find it distasteful
11:30 AM Nov 28, 2014
Submitted to The Democrat These limits of ducks were taken on Old Hickory Lake on opening weekend of duck season by Gil Jackson and Tony McFalls.
TWRA offers tree grants
1:30 PM Nov 26, 2014
Multiple layers of clothing can keep a hunter warm.
several days in November have been brutal