8:30 AM Jun 18, 2014
The TWRA warns fishermen not to dump live bait into any public water.
A growing problem -- and potential catastrophe -- in Tennessee is strains of Asian carp
8:30 AM Jun 17, 2014
Catching little bluegills is big fun.
from mid-May through mid-June there is a bluegill bonanza when the fish move into the shallows to spawn
8:30 AM Jun 12, 2014
Boating fatality
10:30 AM Jun 11, 2014
Fishing is good in the fast water below dams.
Boaters and fishermen will continue to have access to the tail-waters immediately below 10 dams on the Cumberland River and its tributaries at least through 2017.
10:30 AM Jun 10, 2014
How lazy does someone have to be to take a bottle of water into a park, then throw the empty down instead of dropping it into one of the numerous trash cans that are provided?
8:30 AM Jun 5, 2014
An interscholastic trap-shooting team for Wilson County youngsters is being organized, with Ben Schade as coach.
9:30 AM Jun 4, 2014
Muzzleloader deer hunters like Lebanon's Clarence Dies will have to wait until Nov. 8 for their season to open.
the opening of muzzleloader season starts later -- Nov. 8 -- than some hunters had requested.
10:30 AM Jun 3, 2014
Deer like this little buck are becoming increasingly common in residential areas, where they often cause problems
newly-created residential suburbs are off-limits to hunting.
8:30 AM May 29, 2014
Lebanon's Scott Duncan and son Brady won the USA BASSIN Next Generation tournament on Old Hickory Lake.
Lebanon's Scott Duncan and son Brady, 11, won the inaugural USA BASSIN Next Generation Youth Tournament Trail event on Old Hickory Lake
8:30 AM May 28, 2014
Wild turkeys, once abundant in Giles County, have become so scarce that the TWRA plans to cancel the fall season there and in two adjacent counties. Biologists don't know what happened to the turkeys, and there are concerns they they could likewise suddenly vanish in other areas.
Wild turkeys, once thick in Giles County, have virtually vanished over the last few years
8:30 AM May 27, 2014
Lebanon's Roy Denney bagged this fox squirrel and gray squirrel on opening day of spring squirrel season.
A platter of fried squirrels or a bowl of squirrel dumplings in May is as delicious as a helping in September.
10:30 AM May 22, 2014
Life jacket record
12:30 PM May 21, 2014
Mt. Juliet's Lauren Prosser-Crecelius with a couple of bass that helped her win a local tournament last year. She recently added a Ladies Bass Anglers Association Tournament title to her collection.
Mt. Juliet's Lauren Prosser-Crecelius has been fishing since she was a little girl, and recently landed her biggest catch -- first place in a Ladies Bass Anglers Association tournament.
11:30 AM May 20, 2014
Kevin Austin, general manager of the new Grander Mountain store scheduled to open next month in Mt. Juliet, is optimistic about the store's potential.
When Kevin Austin, general manager of the new Gander Mountain store set to open in Mt. Juliet, says it has something for every outdoorsman, he's not exaggerating
10:30 AM May 15, 2014
Mt. Juliet Christian School coach Mike Kittrell is organizing a five-tournament series at Old Hickory Lake
1:30 PM May 14, 2014
Kentucky Lake guide Steve McCadams has made an art of catching crappie.
Paris, Tennessee, that is
11:30 AM May 13, 2014
Gladeville's Ronnie Dowdy captures the spirit -- and appearance -- of an 18th-century long-hunter during the Bledsoe Fort Colonial Fair.
Had we been transported in time back to the 1780's, we would have run for our lives