2:39 PM Aug 21, 2013
Shih tzu perfect urban yuppie dog
While I’m focusing on Fido this week, please don’t let me alienate all you cat lovers out there. I just happen to have an affinity for the four legged pet that barks rather than purrs.
5:12 AM Aug 21, 2013
Charles McCabe
Mt. Juliet officers assisted Metro Nashville police in a vehicle pursuit that resulted in the arrest of a Lyles man and his son late Tuesday night.
6:19 PM Aug 19, 2013
Congresswoman Diane Black, R-Tenn., will attend two functions in Mt. Juliet on Wednesday.
9:44 PM Aug 18, 2013
(George Page • Mt. Juliet News) Clarence Dies takes time to explain how to use his turkey calls to a young boy.
The sharp, rhythmic staccato sound of a turkey hen call filtered through the air at the Wilson County Fair Sunday afternoon. It usurped the regular chaos of the scene and had people wondering. The unlikely sound caught many fairgoers by surprise until they sought the source.
2:47 PM Aug 16, 2013
A Mt. Juliet man was charged with reckless endangerment and other charges after police said he left Mt. Juliet High School and nearly ran over a deputy Thursday.
2:13 PM Aug 16, 2013
(Cory Schuren • Lebanon Democrat) Rides like the Gravitron will be up and running Friday night at the Wilson County Fair, despite Facebook rumors.
Wilson County Fair officials want everyone to know carnival rides will open Friday at 5 p.m. on time and on schedule.
5:35 PM Aug 15, 2013
Many businesses already re-opened
10:45 PM Aug 13, 2013
(George Page • Lebanon Democrat) Additions like Ava's Splash Pad at Charlie Daniels Park help make Mt. Juliet the third most family friendly city in Tennessee.
A Little League Park, proximity to lakes and low tax rate are several reasons why Mt. Juliet was named third-best place for young families in Tennessee, according to a consumer website.
3:37 PM Aug 13, 2013
(George Page • Lebanon Democrat) The city has offered to sell this station to the county for $400,000 with the money going toward the construction of a second station in the north end of town.
With Mt. Juliet's first fire station set to open Sept. 30, city officials approached Wilson County with a proposal to sell Station 3 behind City Hall.
2:42 PM Aug 9, 2013
(Submitted to Mt. Juliet News) Children read in a new library at Fannie Battle day camp in Nashville, designed by Mt. Juliet Girl Scout Emma Eck.
She sold Girl Scout cookies like gangbusters, virtually tripling her cookie sales over the years to 2,000 boxes by sixth grade. Emma Eck’s mother, Jennifer, said her daughter was “so shy and quiet in the first grade.” Emma’s involvement with Girl Scout Troop 1322 helped her blossom so much that recently she garnered her Girl Scout Silver Award with a project that will likely touch thousands of young readers through the years.
1:18 PM Aug 8, 2013
Nike Air Force 1 tennis shoe / Rack Room Shoes / $79
The kiddos are back in school. It's back to the up and early routine; burned pop tarts, bleary-eyed tweens and deer-in-the-headlights kindergartners. Ah, the glory days of back-to-school and how come it's so darned soon?
12:25 PM Aug 8, 2013
Emergency management officials rescued a number of people from floodwaters over a two-hour period when torrential rains dumped more than 5 inches of rain in some areas of Mt. Juliet on Thursday morning.
7:50 AM Aug 8, 2013
(Laurie Everett • Lebanon Democrat) Valley Center in Mt. Juliet under flood waters Thursday.
Emergency management officials rescued a number of people from floodwaters over a two-hour period when torrential rains dumped more than 5 inches of rain in some areas of Mt. Juliet on Thursday morning.
3:39 AM Aug 8, 2013
(Photo courtesy of Mt. Juliet Police) Flooding on Curd Road near Mt. Juliet High School.
Numerous roads are shut down Thursday morning in Mt. Juliet and police officials said “the city is practically shut down.” Mt. Juliet Police spokesman Tyler Chandler said there was a water rescue in progress on Beckwith Road with a man trapped in his car at 7:30 a.m.
11:56 AM Aug 6, 2013
(Laurie Everett • Mt. Juliet News) Students gather in one of several new classrooms Monday at West Elementary School.
With a semi two-day delay due to construction at West Elementary School, all students went to school Monday.
1:52 PM Aug 2, 2013
(George Page • Lebanon Democrat) Mt. Juliet police scan motorists for possible violators of the no texting while driving law.
Beware if you text and drive in Mt. Juliet
8:12 AM Aug 2, 2013
(Photo courtesy of Mt. Juliet Police) Mt. Juliet Police Officer Mike Wentzell keeps pet pig Ham out of harm’s way.
“Ham” got a wild hair Wednesday and decided to make a break for greener pastures. His partner “Eggs” was left to look after their six piglets. The wanderer was a beloved pet potbelly pig and has a reputation for slipping out from under the watchful eyes of his owners who live on W. Division Street.