A man has been arrest after allegedly threatening Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash.

On Aug. 26, Ash came into his office and noticed a voicemail had been left on his phone over the weekend.

The message said he was going to sue the city of Lebanon and if Ash ever showed up at Shoney's in Lebanon he would kill him.

"It was incoherent," Ash said. "Just crazy, random stuff."

According to police, the message came from Steven Bruce Williams, a 49-year-old Nashville resident. Ash called his assistant, Debbie Jessen, into his office to listen to the message and then they called Mike Justice, chief of police and Tim Murray, a Lebanon police detective.

Justice looked Williams up online and found social media posts threatening a number of other people, including Gov. Bill Lee and employees at Shoney's, as well as videos claiming that Williams was the president of the United States.

The owner of Shoney's in Lebanon, who declined to give her name to the Democrat, said Williams has never been employed at the restaurant.

Williams was charged with harassment for the threats to the mayor and others. In addition to those two charges, he has two violations of parole that will keep him in jail until his next court date.

"It was obviously somebody who wasn't in his right mind. I wasn't really scared because I didn't know who he was but in the day and age we live in I didn't want to ignore it," Ash said. "I hope he gets some help. I don't want him to go to prison or anything but I certainly hope he gets some treatment."

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