LPD investigating fatal shooting

Three Lebanon police officers investigate Apartment I at Maple Manor following Thursday's shooting.

Photos by Georgia Gallagher • Lebanon Democrat

The Lebanon Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting Thursday that left one woman dead and a man hospitalized.

The shooting happened about 2:30 a.m. at Maple Manor Apartments on 430 S. Maple St.

Police spokesman Sgt. PJ Hardy said Friday the identities of the victims could not be released until notifications had been made. He said the identity of the female victim wasn't determined until Friday.

The male victim was transported to a "metro-area hospital," Hardy said. His condition is unknown, but he was conscious when discovered. Two other adults were in the apartment at the time of the shooting, one of whom made the 911 call. Hardy said the two were "useless" in helping with the investigation.

Next door neighbors Christina Gaytan and Nicholas Yarbrough said they woke up to the sound of shots being fired.

"I heard a 9 mil and an AK," Yarbrough said. "We were told over 40 rounds were fired and that one of the people died."

"Multiple rounds were fired, yes," said Hardy. "Those rounds also managed to penetrate into the adjoining residence."

"We had all kinds of bullets come through the wall," Gaytan said. "One of them came all the way through our refrigerator and broke our pickle jar and our waterline."

One of the weapons used has been recovered by the police, but Hardy said polcie believe there were multiple weapons used because of the multiple casings found in the apartment.

"I've never felt safe here," Gaytan said. "So many crazy people live here."

The phone number listed online for the complex has been disconnected.

Hardy said Thursday's incident was the second fatal shooting in Lebanon this year.

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