12:54 PM Apr 23, 2013
 Photo: Submitted to The Democrat

 Johnny Lovell Sr.
A Lebanon father and son, accused of tricking an elderly Shelbyville man out of more than $60,000 by pretending to be investment brokers, were arrested in Shelbyville on Friday. Authorities said Johnny Lovell Sr. and Johnny Lovell Jr. were charged after attempting to cash a check for $29,0...
1:06 PM Apr 10, 2013
If Wednesday's 80-plus degree temperatures seemed too good to be true, they were.
11:22 AM Mar 13, 2013
Walsh  Photo: Submitted to The Democrat

Ann Markham Walsh (right) sits with Holocaust survivor Saartje (Selma) Wijnberg Engel. Engel's World War II diary formed the basis of Walsh's new book, 'Dancing Through Darkness,' which recounts Engel's story of survival and triumph.
Sometimes a writer comes across a tale that speaks so strongly to them they are forced to share the story. That was the case for Ann Markham Walsh of Wilson County when she heard the story of Saartje Wijnberg – renamed Selma when her family was attempting to hide from the invading Na...
2:12 PM Mar 11, 2013
No one likes to see the dreaded blue lights in their rear view mirror but, according to Lebanon police Chief Scott Bowen, monitoring traffic leads to other crimes detected and solved.