The Hulk, Batman and Zombies? It must be Halloween

Wednesday is the night that kids of all ages have been waiting for - Halloween.
Oct 31, 2012
Hall 1  Photo: Mary E. Hinds

The Creature from the Black Lagoon (aka Jeffery Walpole) is sure to raise a few scares tonight.
Hall 2  Photo: Mary E. Hinds

According to All About Holidays, Batman is one of the most popular costumes for children and adults this Halloween. Store employee Steven Harwell gave his Batman a thoughtful look as he modeled the costume for customers Tuesday.


Wednesday is the night that kids of all ages have been waiting for - Halloween.

For children and adults, the costume is all, as everyone tries to find the perfect costume that reflects their personality, or who they wish they could be.

While the standard witches, ghosts and pirates will surely be represented, Tammy Walpole, owner of All About Holidays in Lebanon, said there are some costumes almost walking out the door. Tuesday afternoon, the store was jumping with employees in costume and customers searching for the perfect disguise.

"For little kids, anything that is super hero related - Batman, Spiderman and Captain America - are selling well," she said. "The Hulk has been huge, and you can get the Hulk with or without the muscles."

The year-round popularity of zombies has continued through the Halloween season.  

"Zombies are also big this year," Walpole said. "The Zombie Walk in Nashville two weeks ago was very popular."

Halloween is the holiday that lets adults in on the fun, with the grown-ups going all out for their costumes. What are they wearing?

"Batman has been huge for adults as well," she said, adding that Obama and Romney masks aren't moving as well as expected.

"Usually during an election year, we sell a lot of political masks. This year, we haven't sold as many as we usually do," Walpole said.

She said Halloween business has been about average this year, but is still one of her store's busiest holidays.

"This and fireworks for the Fourth of July are the two biggest for us," Walpole said, adding while some of her workers are in costume, she is waiting for Halloween day to wear hers.  

"We will all be in costume [Wednesday] but, when you work 12 hours and are on your feet all day, a costume can be difficult," she said with a laugh.

Right now, the store is making sure all the little goblins are properly attired for the big event.

"Most adults had parties this past weekend," she said. "But now it's kids getting ready for trick-or-treat."

When asked who enjoys Halloween more, children or adults, Walpole didn't hesitate.

"The grown ups," she said, adding that adults report that Christmas is too much pressure and too much money. "They say it's more of a fun holiday."

Once the kids have the perfect costume, officials encourage parents to bring their goblins to the Halloween celebration on Lebanon Town Square tonight from 5-8 p.m. for a safe, traffic-free trick-or-treat experience.

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