Help Center thrift store offers first Saturday discounts

The first Saturday of each month has become a cause to celebrate at the Wilson County Community Help Center. The Help Center, at 203 W. High St. in Lebanon, announced a new service to assist the public.
Jan 15, 2013
help center  Photo: Mary E. Hinds

Lois Husier (left) is a familiar face behind the counter at the Wilson County Community Help Center thrift store. She is shown here helping customer Lois Husier. The thrift store is a lot busier on the first Saturday of each month when prices are slashed by 50 percent.


The first Saturday of each month has become a cause to celebrate at the Wilson County Community Help Center.

The Help Center, at 203 W. High St. in Lebanon, announced a new service to assist the public.

On the first Saturday of each month, all merchandise in the thrift store will be discounted by 50 percent. Savings can be made on the already great prices available on gently used household goods, books, clothing, glassware and more. Looking for that hard to find gift or item to complete your idea? Chances are it can be found at the Help Center.

Help Center Director Gail Proctor thinks the change will increase business at the thrift store and allow it to help more people.

"We're hoping to get more traffic," Proctor said, adding the center has enough goods to handle any extra traffic. "People are very, very generous."

She said the only thing she is concerned about is furniture, which is always a top seller and brings in money.

"We always need furniture," Proctor said. "We sometimes give away furniture to fire victims who have lost everything."

Other than furniture, the Help Center is always on the lookout for other things that sell well.

"Electronics go well, as do toasters, coffee makers, lamps, whatever retail stores have," she said. "Sometimes it's the oddest little things that sell. Some things we don't even know what they are, but someone will come in and know exactly what it is and buy it."

The thrift store is relevant because it provides funds for all the other endeavors of the Help Center programs that help people in Wilson County who are sometimes holding on by a thread.
The Help Center helps families and individuals in need by providing emergency assistance in the form of food, clothing, resource education and financial aid to Wilson County residents six days a week. The Help Center is known countywide for reaching out to those in need. Anyone who needs assistance can come to the assistance counter at the center and ask for help.

The WCCHC has a track record of:

• distributing more than 30,000 pounds of food to feed the hungry in Wilson County in the last year alone.

• providing more than 1,000 coats each year to warm the needy.

• offering free medical equipment.

• collecting, sorting and selling clothing and household items of any type donated by the community.

• educating people on ways to utilize assistance programs that are available in Wilson County.

• coming into contact with more residents each week than any other agency in Wilson County.
Purchases in the WCCHC thrift store will go toward supporting the programs and services provided by the Help Center.
For more information on the Help Center and to keep up with news and specials, visit or call the center at 615-449-1856. The Help Center was established in 1982 as a clearinghouse for area churches and food pantries provides food and clothing assistance programs available for the emergency needs of residents of Wilson County. Everyone is invited to visit, donate or volunteer. The thrift store is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Assistance Counter hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Proctor said the 50 percent discount on the first Saturday of each month is firm - that discount won't apply the day before. She said people will come and scout out items in advance, but they must wait until that first Saturday to buy them at the lower price.

"They have to wait until that first Saturday, or that wouldn't be fair," she said.


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