Angel the Dog needs guardian angels

New Leash on Life has sent out a call to the community to give a gift of compassion to help a special dog named Angel.  
Apr 19, 2013
Angel  Photo: Submitted

Ann Shapiro of New Leash on Life has learned firsthand just how sweet Angel the Mastiff can be. Angel is recuperating from surgery and some hard breaks, but will soon be ready to go home with some lucky family.


New Leash on Life has sent out a call to the community to give a gift of compassion to help a special dog named Angel.  

One-year-old Angel was picked up by Wilson County Animal Control in January. Two officers were driving around the countryside and happened to see an abandoned desk, discarded in a field. One of the officers also noticed a dog huddled next to the desk – a beautiful fawn and black Mastiff mix. She was emaciated and had a slight limp. The officers immediately took her to their facility and, because of her sweet nature, named her Angel.

When no one came forward to claim her, Angel came to New Leash on Life to find her forever home. From the moment she arrived at the adoption center, volunteers proclaimed her a sweet, gentle giant of a girl who was friendly to everyone she met.

"This whole incident with Angel is a good example of Lebanon Animal Control and New Leash working together to help these animals," said New Leash on Life volunteer Judy Wallace.

"She's as good as gold," said New Leash on Life drector Amy Haverstick. "From the beginning she was very sweet and loving."

The first order of business was to help Angel put on weight as she only weighed about 60-65 pounds, way too little for her breed. She was immediately put on a special diet.

Next, New Leash on Life volunteers worked to determine the cause of her limp. It didn't seem to bother her too much, but the staff was diligent so Angel was taken to the veterinarian for X-rays. The tests revealed Angel had a broken pelvis that had already started healing, as well as a "bum knee" – a cranial cruciate ligament tear that needed surgery, much like the ACL that athletes injure. But other than the limp, she never lets on to her pain. It was surmised Angel was more than likely hit by a vehicle, probably about six months ago considering the degree of healing that has already taken place.

After conferring with several veterinarians, it was determined the best course of action for Angel would be to address the CCL tear.  Wallace said the surgery went well.

"She's had her surgery, and she is now recovering and is doing remarkably well," she said.

Angel has won the hearts of New Leash on Life workers. Volunteers report she loves to lean against you and get lots of attention and she gives full body wags when you talk to her. Angel would make a great couch potato, and she appears to get along with other dogs. Based on dogs she has seen on her visits to the vet and times she has been in the lobby at the adoption center when another dog was present, she has shown no aggression.

Angel is the kind of dog that probably won't be able to play and run outside because of her hip/pelvis but she could go on short walks and would be great at learning low activity tricks. She will probably need to be on medication due to her hips and she needs a single level home - steps would be tough for her the older she gets. Most of all, Angel needs a family that understands she will not be a dog that can go running, but will sleep next to their person on the couch as you read a good book or watch a football game.

But a forever home is in the future, right now, Angel needs a foster home that will love her and care for her, understanding her limitations, and follow through with her rehab after knee surgery. After rehabilitation, Angel will be looking for a forever family that understands she will probably have to deal with the arthritis that will occur due to her injury. Angel may never be able to walk normally again, but NLOL will do everything in their power to help her become as "normal" as possible.

While a foster/forever home is being located, New Leash on Life needs your help to make all of this possible. To help dogs like Angel, NLOL created the Angel Fund (the name is a coincidence), to help animals in their care that have special needs. The Angel Fund gives a second chance, often the only chance. Without this emergency fund, the only option is very often humane euthanasia. In the case of this real-life angel, donations to the Angel Fund will go directly to cover the costs associated with her surgery, medical treatment and rehabilitation. Any additional funds collected will be earmarked for the Angel Fund to help New Leash on Life save the lives of other animals, who like Angel, have run out of options.

Donations to the fund are tax deductible, and there are several ways to go about it. You can drop off cash, a check or pay by credit/debit card at the Adoption Center at 507 Jim Draper Blvd. (off Baddour Parkway behind Pro Bowl West) or at Fix For Life Spay/Neuter Clinic at 511 W. Baddour Pk. You can also mail a check to New Leash on Life, P.O. Box 247, Lebanon, TN 37088-0247. The third option is to donate by debit or credit card through the website. Visit, click on Donate from the bar across the top. Directions are provided. Be sure to indicate on your check or your online entry that your gift is for the Angel Fund.

If you are interested in fostering Angel or would like to learn more about the fostering program, contact Ann Shapiro at 615-444-1144. If you are considering adopting Angel, contact the Adoption Center at 615-444-1144.
"She's happy and loving, and she's a leaner. She likes to lean against you and give you love," Wallace said.


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