Do Lebanon's elected officials need term limits? Tell us what you think

City councilman Haywood Barry will introduce a resolution Tuesday night to limit the terms of city elected officials.
Jan 31, 2010

City councilman Haywood Barry will introduce a resolution Tuesday night to limit the terms of city elected officials.
This populist vision of electorate control has been debated since the founders formed our government as Mr. Barry already suggested.
Councilman Barry has outlined the demagogic reasoning quite admirably stating that it would “bring in new ideas,” “it gives more people a chance to be popular,” “it’s less of a ‘good-ol-boy’ kind of thing,” and he even mentioned that our founding fathers thought term limits a good idea as well.
Councilman Barry also listed some ideas that might arise on the other side of the debate. He mentioned that there would be “more turnover” and that there would “be a loss of experience.”
However, at the same time, we wonder why Councilman Barry felt the need to assure us all that because of the council's staggered terms there would not be an immediate loss of experience.
Could it be that we are in the middle of the some of the worst budget problems since the Great Depression, and because of that right, now would be the worst time to drain our public think tanks of their experience?
It will take more than one vote of the city council to pass this resolution, as well as a private act by the state legislature, so we have time for some discussion about the issue.
We want to know what you, the citizens of Lebanon, think. More importantly, we think the city council needs to know your thoughts before the final votes are cast.
Share your thoughts by going to and go the last item on the right hand side of the blue menu bar titled "Take Our Polls." Click on "Take Our Polls" and vote in our online poll called "Term Limits."
In addition, if you wish to share your thoughts, you may also go the "News" item in the same blue menu bar and click on "Our Viewpoints" in the drop-down menu. There you will find this editorial and you can leave your comments and thoughts about the issue.
Or you can write us a letter to the editor of 400 words or less. Be sure and include your name, street address and a phone number so we can contact you to verify you are the author. You mail e-mail you letter to or mail it to Amelia Hipps, Managing Editor, P.O. Box 430, Lebanon, TN 37088.
Next Monday, Feb. 8, we will publish some of your online comments as well as the votes in the poll.
It's your government, so let us know what you think.


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