Kimberly Jordan: Why does getting sleep make you tired?

Have you ever had one of those days where you are so tired you can't think straight? Wednesday was one of those days.
Aug 14, 2013

Have you ever had one of those days where you are so tired you can't think straight? Wednesday was one of those days.

And the weirdest part is, I actually got sleep the night before.

I sometimes get the feeling that I function better without much sleep, and that seems very illogical. Maybe I should spend some time trying to locate medical journals on this subject. Or, maybe I should just try to get through the day and forget about the medical explanation.

Yeah, lets go with the second one.

On such days as these, I sort of feel like the Little Engine that Could. I keep telling myself "you can stay awake, you can stay awake" over and over. I really don't even know how I am awake enough to make this column coherent. For those of you reading this rambling nonsense, I thank you for believing that there might be a point to it. I wish I knew what that point was.

I am asked to write a column each week, and I stared at my computer screen (or the ceiling, wall, etc.) for a good hour trying to think of a topic that would be much more interesting, but alas, nothing came. So here I was, sitting here racking my brain with absolutely no hope and a looming deadline. And now I am talking about being tired. I guess that goes to show that everyone has that day where they are desperate to fulfill an obligation and they grasp at straws.

Perhaps I should have written about the fact that I will be working at the Lebanon Democrat’s booth at the fair tomorrow. If you are in the neighborhood of Tent 2 on the ever-crazy opening night, come by and say hello. We love visitors. Try to tear yourself away from all that tantalizing food and all those great rides.

Or maybe I should have talked about upcoming plans at work. But what fun is that? No, I think finding a most obscure topic makes life more interesting. Some people advise surfing the news sites or Facebook for inspiration for columns, and some days that is helpful. Wednesday however, nothing seemed to help.

Hopefully next week there will be some legitimate topic that will stimulate my interest and I can spare everyone another column where I can think of nothing significant to say.

Until then, maybe I can find out just why I’m more tired when I have a proper amount of sleep.


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