Wanted: New home for adorable canines

An email from New Leash on Life has inspired a search for a home for two rescues.
Sep 4, 2013

So I received an email earlier this week from one of the ladies who volunteers with New Leash on Life in Lebanon. Now, as I have stated numerous times, I love animals - but especially dogs.
The email was a request to put in a story regarding two dogs available for adoption at the shelter. Of course, we have the pets of the week each Tuesday and the email said both of the dogs in the story had been featured there. But a year after their journey to New Leash on Life, both dogs are still looking for adopters.
According to the information in the story I was sent, Bandit and Victory were both rescued in the summer of last year. Bandit was given to New Leash on Life after his caregiver developed health issues and couldn't care for the number of abandoned dogs he had taken in. As for Victory, she was a part of a rescue of 100 dogs in a hoarding situation.
I told Judy, who sent the email, that if I could afford to keep two more dogs, I would have kept them myself. I took one look at their picture and just couldn't stop smiling. As a matter of fact, I have opened that email a good six or eight times just to look at the picture because it makes me smile. Both dogs are just completely adorable.
The information sent on each dog from the email is quoted here.
"Bandit is a handsome black and white Beagle mix. If you look into his warm brown eyes, you'll see a mix of shyness and hope; hope that you will understand his shyness and give him the security and love every dog deserves. He just wants someone to take a chance on him.
Victory is a lovely black and tan shepherd/lab mix. Before coming to New Leash on Life, she knew life only as a pack dog in a desolate pen without shelter and very little human interaction. While she is still slightly skittish, Victory has made great progress. She is figuring out how that whole affection-interaction thing works. Victory arrived at New Leash heartworm positive. She was recently retested and is now just barely positive so her monthly treatment/preventative for the condition has been working. With vigilant monthly treatments, Victory is expected to fully recover."
So, fellow dog lovers, if you are like me and can't stop smiling when you look at this photo, maybe you can find a place in your heart, and home, for two adorable canines. The shelter is looking for an adopter to take these two together, as the dogs are fast friends.
If you or someone you know needs a couple of furry companions, call New Leash on Life at 444-1144 for more information and a chance to meet Bandit and Victory.
As I know that unfortunately I cannot have them myself, I can at least hang on to their picture to help me smile when I need a pick-me-up. But for one lucky adopter, there is a chance to come home to these adorable faces everyday. If that is you, please help these two find a good home.


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