Caitlin Rickard: King of the Castle

Do you ever catch yourself watching a show that you previously had thought there was no way in a million years you’d ever catch on to?
Oct 8, 2013

Do you ever catch yourself watching a show that you previously had thought there was no way in a million years you’d ever catch on to?

Well, that’s kind of where I’ve caught myself a lot lately, and quite frankly, it’s so unlike me.

However, it would seem I have found myself a few hidden treasures.

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘here she goes again ranting or raving about another different TV show,’ but that’s what you’re going to get if you stick with me, kapeesh?

I’ve always loved Criminal Minds and could never resist Law & Order: SVU when it was on (which is, like, every hour of every day?) but lately a new crime drama has really grown on me.

And by “grown on me” I mean I basically had to go back and watch it from the beginning to the current season and episode.

The show is Castle and it comes on Mondays on ABC.

You’re probably growling and wondering why we need yet another crime drama on the air, but the truth is, the crime and the drama is really played down on this show. It’s actually more of a… comedy? Don’t get me wrong, every episode is still featured around a crime, but often times in funny circumstances, like Bigfoot existing or a baker drowning in his own cake batter.

Maybe that’s why I like it, because instead of bringing you to tears every episode or making you want to yell at your screen when the serial killer gets away, it actually makes you laugh.

Given, the plot is absolutely absurd and not at all reasonable, but I guess that’s what makes it different and likable.

The show’s namesake comes from the main character Richard Castle, played by the oh-so-hilarious Nathan Fillion, who is a mega-successful crime novelist on the show.

Of course with Castle’s success come the money and the connections, so he then uses his connections with the Mayor to slither his way in as an aid to the New York Police Department, all for the sake of research for his newest novel.

Of course, here we sit six seasons later and Castle is somehow still on the case with the NYPD.

Whatever, I’ll give it to the man, Castle uses his dry humor and wit to think outside the box and usually solve the case faster than the actual detectives on duty.

Throw in an attractive love interest as his NYPD partner, Kate Beckett, and you’ve got yourself a romantic comedy.

And, as you guessed, through the seasons Beckett has gone from loathing the constant annoyance of Castle to, spoiler alert, being engaged to him currently.

It really is a pretty great show that mixes the murder mystery aspect that people love with the light heartedness of a comedy.

And though I never would of guessed it before, on Monday nights, Castle is king (at least of my DVR.)


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