Sara's Column: A faithful companion bites the dust

I’ve known it’s been coming for a while.
Jan 10, 2014

I’ve known it’s been coming for a while.

She’s put in a good run, but she’s old and tired. It’s time to give her a decent burial.

My trusty wireless router finally bit the dust.

And yes, I realize how much of a dork I sound like right now.

But I’m too impressed not to share.

This router is so old that its internal clock could not be set for any time beyond 2002. I think I paid $40 bucks for it in the late ‘90s.

It’s seen me through countless moves, and it’s kept up with my streaming-only-household demands.

Through the years, I’ve watched as each successive wireless standard rose to the forefront in technology. And of course, I pined a little for each latest and greatest, but I could never justify forking over the dollars for a new one when I had a perfectly functional one already.

But here lately it hasn’t actually been all that functional.

The final straw was having to reset it three times within 45 minutes.

So I decided to make a quick stop at Wally World on my way into work.

Normally I’m one to spend hours online checking out specs and reviews for any gadget-type purchase. I’m always on the hunt for the best value; that usually rare point where quality, features and price are all just right. 

And it generally works out pretty well; my devices tend to last me a respectable amount of time – kind of like my dearly departed wireless router.

This time, though, I was going to have to wing it. 

So I found myself staring at the options in my price point, and I narrowed it down to three choices. They all offered nearly identical specs and features, and their prices matched one another to the penny.

After about 10 minutes of picking up one box, only to set it back down and pick up another, I had a “Doh!” moment.

I had this really nifty contraption called a smartphone in my pocket.

Just 10 minutes later, after some rapidfire review searches, I was the proud new owner of a dual-band gigabit router guaranteed (hopefully) to zip through our heavy streaming.

While I’ve yet to put it through the paces, I’m hoping it proves to be as much of a trooper as my now-deceased TRENDnet router.

Who says modern technology can’t be built to last?  

Sara McManamy-Johnson is the digital content director for The Lebanon Democrat and Wilson County News. Email her at or follow her on Twitter          @wilsoncoreports.


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