Ann Haney: Money-making app serves couponers

The market is continually being flooded with more ways for couponers to save money. So what is this technique and can it really benefit the savvy saver?
Jan 26, 2014
Ann Haney

The market is continually being flooded with more ways for couponers to save money. So what is this technique and can it really benefit the savvy saver? 

Checkout 51 came on the scene in January 2013. Although not brand new, many couponers have not heard of this money-saving app. Many consumers are well aware of the Ibotta app and it’s benefits to them. But as most avid savers do, they continually look for more ways to save money. Checkout 51 is one of those ways. 

Created by three business-minded entrepreneurs, Checkout 51 made its entrance in Toronto, Canada. Being first introduced in Canada, this app proved its success with 600,000 consumers saving more than $2.3 million. With such great success proven in Canada, the creators decided to launch this app in the U.S. 

Some of the great benefits of this app include:

• no need to scan items.

• works at any retailer including online stores.

• non smartphone users can access it on the web.

• no tasks to perform or games to play to gain money rewards.

What does this app actually do, you may be asking? Checkout 51 offers dollar amounts to the consumer who buys the specified products. Once the product is bought, the receipt must be uploaded to your computer or scanned with your smartphone. However, new offers appear every Thursday morning, and bought items must be uploaded before the following Thursday. In other words, there is a six-day window in which to save your rewards. Once you reach $20 in savings, a check will be sent to you through the mail.

Why do manufacturers want to give us money for buying their products? Tracking our purchases through these means like Checkout 51 provide the manufacturer with valuable information, for example, location, stores purchased from, number of coupons used, items most purchased. This information serves as a good database for the manufacturer when it comes to marketing and creating new and existing products. 

Scrolling through the offers available at Checkout 51 helped me quickly realize that many of the items I could earn cash back on I really do buy. Going even one step further, many of these items are regularly on sale at various stores. Checkout 51 is extremely easy to sign up, and it’s free. Simply use your email and create a password or sign up through your Facebook account.

A few tips when it comes to using this app include:

• making sure the picture you take of your receipt is clearly readable. 

• if your receipt is too long to get in the picture, take multiple pictures and upload all of them.

• upload your receipt as soon as you get home, so you don’t forget and miss the six-day deadline.

What’s behind the name? Checkout 51 was termed to help us visualize a store with 50 checkouts, reminding us to make our final stop at “Checkout 51,” before closing out our shopping venture. 

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Ann Haney is homeschool mother of 17-plus years to six children (including four entrepreneurs), CEO of Aaron Publishing, founder of Ann Haney Ministries and Living In Abundance, nationwide motivational speaker, coupon specialist and author of 18 published products, including her book, “Exploding Into Successful Entrepreneurship.” Contact Ann at to schedule a speaking engagement and view her website for more information at


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