Kimberly Jordan: Gearing up for spring, garden show

I have said this before in a column, but I think it bears repeating. Mother Nature is bipolar.
Feb 27, 2014
Kimberly Jordan

I have said this before in a column, but I think it bears repeating. Mother Nature is bipolar.

It is killing me that one day it is 67 degrees and the next day we barely hit the freezing mark. Honestly, I know so many people who have been sick lately, I think it's very feasible to say a lot of that had to do with the weather. And if the forecast holds true, next week will be more of the same. It's supposed to be nearly 70 degrees on Saturday and Sunday followed closely by temps in the mid-30s on Monday.

I don't know about anybody else, but I am ready for spring. Sure, all of the seasons have their moments that are a bit annoying, but this winter seems to have taken the cake. I don't like cold weather to begin with and when you add the fact that it can't be consistently cold, you have the perfect recipe for annoyance. At least if it is consistently cold, I know how to prepare myself.

I'm one of those people who'd rather see 90-degree weather than be dealing with the crazy-cold temps of the last couple months. A lot of people I know have said to me, "At least if it is cold you can put on extra layers. There are only so many clothes you can take off." Give me T-shirt and shorts weather any day. I'll handle myself just fine with that.

Just thinking about the nearly 70-degree weather expected this weekend makes me grin from ear to ear. I know it is not a good thing to have the same temperature range all year, because that means trouble for the earth, but I'd just love to have temps in the mid- to upper 70s all year long. Call me crazy if you want to.

A little indication that spring is knocking on our door is the Lawn and Garden Show in Nashville this weekend. I plan on taking full advantage of checking out the latest trends in gardening, even though I have a terrible reputation for killing plants.

Now that I am in the process of purchasing a new house and hoping to move, I'll have a whole new yard to landscape.

It's always fun to look at all the fancy gardening equipment and the neat little decorations to help you personalize your space. I probably won't purchase anything unless I find that one plant or decoration that just screams, "take me to your new house," but I'll still enjoy wandering through the cool-looking displays and the display gardens from local nurseries and other garden shops. And just maybe I'll learn a thing or two to help me get rid of this "black thumb" I have.

Kimberly Jordan is a general assignment reporter for The Democrat. Email her at or follow her on Twitter @wilsonnewsroom. 


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