Guest View: Home-grown NeXovation feels welcome in Wilson

My family and I are excited about the opportunity we have before us to own, operate, and rejuvenate Wilson County’s Superspeedway.
Jun 6, 2014
Robb Sexton

My family and I are excited about the opportunity we have before us to own, operate, and rejuvenate Wilson County’s Superspeedway.

I say this because we too are Middle Tennesseans living in neighboring Sumner County and, as you, we want the very best for Wilson County and the entire region.

In the few days that have followed the announcement made last week of our intent to acquire the Superspeedway, we have had the pleasure of meeting several local government and business leaders as well as other local motorsport enthusiasts and stakeholders. Your county’s hospitality has been warm and gracious and with the touch of charm we’ve grown to love about Middle Tennessee. We are so grateful for your best wishes and vocal support.

It is our intent to transition the Superspeedway into a world-class global motorsports venue that will serve to attract thousands of visitors, generate valuable tourism dollars to the area, and provide hundreds of employment opportunities that guarantee a living wage with health insurance and other benefits.

Our company, NeXovation, is privately owned. We have a credible and significant business history dating back more than 25 years. For the project we are undertaking in Wilson County, including the acquisition of the Superspeedway, all improvements, and the planned expansion of amenities, we will not seek or ask for a single dollar of public funding.

We place community relationships high on our list of priorities. We want to be good corporate citizens and an integral part of all the wonderful things that make Wilson County such a special place.

We very much value and appreciate that you have an outstanding private independent university; that you are within a day’s drive of three-fourths of the population of the U.S.; that you have the state’s only commuter rail line; that your public schools are listed among the best in Tennessee; that your local government is stable and competent; and that the people who live here are perhaps your greatest asset.

We anxiously look forward to the days ahead. Our hope is that the purchase of the Superspeedway will be completed by the end of the summer and with that, we can begin to put our vision into action.

Thank you so very kindly for welcoming us to your community.

Robb Sexton is the chief executive officer of NeXovation, a Hendersonville-based company that has recently contracted to purchase the Superspeedway near Gladeville from Dover Downs. 


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