Playing With Your Food: Bad restaurant experience? Give it a chance

After talking it over with multiple people around town, I have decided people out here judge a little harshly.
Jun 11, 2014
Justin Ferguson

After talking it over with multiple people around town, I have decided people out here judge a little harshly. I ask of you to take second chances and revisit bad-experience restaurants. Everyone makes a mistake or has a bad day, however if it is bad multiple times then there is a problem. If there is a problem, you should do your part and let the owner know, but do so very politely. 

There have been a few new restaurants in the past few years open in the area. Many small stores have enough with issues with property and laws. Don’t make them wonder why you left and don’t support them. Maybe their ego is too big to understand they are making mistakes, perhaps they don’t understand what good food is, or that they don’t know the service sucks.

The reason I wrote this, this week, many people around town have visited the newest restaurant around town and have said they’ve had mixed feelings, mainly negative. As someone who has opened multiple stores, I know you can have mishaps and not see some things that happen. That is where a good guest would let me know. I love watching a small business succeed, and it hurts me deeply when one closes its doors. 

So next time you visit a place, be considerate of what is going on around in the restaurant. If you go for the second time and it happens again, then they truly do not understand how to run a restaurant. This is where you tell them their mushrooms were cold, the sauce was too thin or that the server took three courses to deliver your first glass of wine. Part of it could be bad training, part could be the lack of what was expected, and part might be a flaw in customer service standards.

Just think about this and let it sink in, really rethink things, because you may be king or queen of your castle but in someone’s business there are a lot of kings and queens.

“Food is like a journey, interesting alone, but better with friends” -- Justin Ferguson

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Out here?
Around town twice in the same sentence?
Doesn't anyone edit at the Democrat?


Have good experience with most of the restaurants in Lebanon and I believe a lot of the problem exists in training and putting to much work on one person.

Rev. Brian Hines


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