Caitlin Rickard: Red, white and Wimbledon

The June-July period is an excellent time for sports.
Jul 9, 2014
Caitlin Rickard

The June-July period is an excellent time for sports.

First of all, you’ve got good ol’ baseball. Who doesn’t love frequenting the ballpark enjoying a concession stand hotdog and cheering on your team to victory? 

I remember growing up on the Little League field in my hometown, staying there from dusk to dawn, playing wall ball endlessly for hours, eating nachos for breakfast, six snickers bars and a hamburger for lunch and downing  dozens of “Miami Ice” shaved ice cones from the little stand across the street all day in between.

Baseball is America’s pastime and rightfully so, it’s actually a pretty charming sport… unlike another sporting event which has plagued my screen and Twitter feed for the past month.

Between you and me I’ll take a Braves game or the MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game any day over the World Cup. Or even my cousin’s Little League game on Field No. 2 in BFE. Anything over soccer.

I mean yeah, go U.S.A. and all that, but soccer is just so boring. And dramatic. Give these players Oscars for their performances on the field. A blade of grass grazed your leg on the kick? The agony.

With that, I turn to an even better event that takes place this time of the year each year: Wimbledon.

It even sounds interesting and nice and fun and classy. Wimbledon.

I guess this is just sort of a pick-your-preference kind of thing, those who find soccer super engaging think that tennis is a total snoozefest, probably. To each his own.

Regardless, Wimbledon is where it’s at this time of year.

The hours are always off, seeing as how they’re playing in London, but for two weeks of the summer I don’t necessarily mind watching a sport at 6 a.m.

Really and truthfully I can’t put my finger on what about Wimbledon attracts me. Tennis is alright, I never played and I don’t usually follow other major tournaments or players throughout the year, but for some reason Wimbledon has just stuck with me.

Maybe it’s the fact that all the players wear all white and all the other uniforms and strict rules entailed, maybe it’s the prestige and history of an event that’s been going on since the 1800s, maybe it’s the notoriety of the event itself, I mean how many sports or events are as frequented by celebrities as Wimbledon? I could watch David Beckham watch a tennis match at Wimbledon from the sidelines all day.

And for goodness sake there’s a Royal Box in Centre Court where the literal Queen of England can preside over matches as if it were some 14th century duel between knights.

I guess to these players it kind of is a duel. Every tennis player wants to say they’ve won Wimbledon.

Sure, the men are great at Wimbledon, love me some Nadal (who isn’t the greatest playing on grass, so it’s pointless at Wimbledon) and Federer. But most of the men’s participants I could do without.

The women are where it’s at during Wimbledon. Obviously Serena and Venus Williams are not to be missed—two of the lone players whose names are easily pronounced—but I also love watching Maria Sharapova and I really, really love Victoria Azarenka, who’s yet to really peak any since her injury at Wimbledon last year (heartbreaking). 

This year, though, the Wimbledon gods betrayed me. 

Azarenka was gone in the second round, Serena was gone in the third round and Nadal lost in the fourth round, as did Sharapova. 

Is it time for Serena to hang up the racquet? Just kidding, she better not, not now, not ever.

As my favorites dwindled down to nothing, it become harder to watch so, confession, I didn’t even watch the finals. Though, I do minutely like Kvitova, I’m glad she won… but really I just like saying her name more than actually watching her play.

Whatever it is about Wimbledon, though, it just keeps me coming back. The surprises this year, not so much, but thank God it’s an every year event, right?

Actually, scratch all that, I think the reason I’m so drawn to Wimbledon is that movie from the early 2000s—called “Wimbledon”—starring Kirsten Dunst. 

What a nice (fake) glance into the wonderful world of Wimbledon. Now I’m forever hooked.

Caitlin Rickard is a staff writer for The Democrat. Email her at or follow her on Twitter @wilsonnewswritr.


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