Ann Haney: Be on top of your game

Most couponers are well aware that stores run repeating sale cycles every six to eight weeks.
Jul 27, 2014
Ann Haney

Most couponers are well aware that stores run repeating sale cycles every six to eight weeks. Even for those who are not avid couponers, they must agree they notice the same items appearing on the end caps time and time again. 

How does the sale and coupon coincide for bottom-dollar discounts that make it worth the consumer’s time? To discover the answer to this question, we must go to where the products originate, back to the manufacturer. 

Manufacturers will often find products peaking and then slumping off at different times of the year. This happens for many reasons, however, one of the biggest is the economy. When a manufacturer notices an overstock or abundance in a product, they will generally offer a bulk buying deal to retailers. 

This is a good way for them to move the product, especially if it has remained in stock for a long period of time or is soon to expire. Taking a cut on profits is more cost efficient than letting the product expire. Once the retailer buys the product, they will generally offer a good deal on that item. The couponer who has had his eye on the cycling coupons will no doubt have an extra discount to apply to a sale item. 

This brings us to the question many want to know. How do I know what coupons will be appearing in the Sunday paper? 

Just like sale cycles, coupons have cycles they follow when it comes to what’s actually inserted in the Sunday paper. One website where you can find out this information is at Here a complete listing of which inserts and how many of each are set to appear each week. 

As a matter of fact, if you like to know ahead, the whole year schedule is available on this site. Occasionally you will notice multiple Smart Source or Red Plum inserts. One thing to remember about the coupon sale cycle is there are no coupons on holiday weekends. Another tip is not to forget to pick up that paper the fourth Sunday of the month for the only Proctor & Gamble insert that month.

Finally, in preparation for the upcoming weekend, this is one exception to the rule, but you may want to hold off on buying those multiple papers. This is the only weekend that is not a holiday that we will not see any inserts. 

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