Kimberly Jordan: There’s other contests on the mind than elections

Well, the election is upon us and as important of an event as it is, I am eagerly awaiting the results so that I can go about my regular business here at work.
Aug 7, 2014
Kimberly Jordan

Well, the election is upon us and as important of an event as it is, I am eagerly awaiting the results so that I can go about my regular business here at work. 

A second reason I am ready for the election to be over can be summed up in one word – football.

The end of election season marks the beginning of football madness here in the county. Teams have been scrimmaging and practicing their hearts out to be ready for Week 0. And in the professional arena, the Titans will have their preseason opener Saturday against the Green Bay Packers.

Football is one of my favorite sports. And, foolishly or not, I am optimistic about the Titans chances this season. New coach, new look. Hopefully that new look turns out to be a good one. I’m not asking to be the Seattle Seahawks of 2014, I’d just like to see a winning season and at least a playoff berth. Now, if we can be like the Seattle Seahawks were last season, I’m not going to complain.

I’ll gladly find my seat in the nosebleed section for a playoff game, even if it is 15 degrees out there. I gladly find my seat in the nosebleed section anyway, but that’s beside the point.

As for local football, our six high schools begin their campaigns for glory in just a couple weeks. The season kicks off with a local rivalry in the season opener between Mt. Juliet’s Golden Bears and Lebanon’s Blue Devils when the teams try to start the season in the win column Aug. 22.

Of course, I’m partial to my alma mater, the Golden Bears (fellow writer Xavier Smith may not want to hear that), but I wish both teams the best of luck in the upcoming season. Mt. Juliet Christian Academy begins 2014 with a new coach, and I’m interested to see how that affects their game. I’m hoping for great things for them.

Watertown will take the field in the new Robinson Stadium at its new campus, Wilson Central hopes to continue its playoff push and Friendship Christian aims to continue its playoff streak. Should be some exciting times on the gridiron.

I’m already trying to perfect my technique for keeping my eyes my on the field than on my notepad this season. Thus far I haven’t had any real way to test it, but I’m crossing my fingers that it works so that I don’t end up getting run over on the sidelines. I’ve had enough close calls with that one that I am trying hard to avoid it.

Of course, I wouldn’t trade the view for anything, but that doesn’t mean I want to end up with broken bones because of it. I have enough health issues without adding that to the mix of things.

All kidding aside, I am prepared to cheer on all the teams as they work to accomplish their goals this season. And I hope that I can be as happy for the Titans come December. I’d really like to see the two-toned blue marching onto the field in the playoffs. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that.

As the saying goes – “It’s football time in Tennessee” – and I am, to borrow a phrase from Hank Williams Jr., “ready for some football.”

Kimberly Jordan is The Democrat’s general assignment reporter. Email her at or follow her on Twitter @wilsonnewsroom.


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