Kennedy Pope: Keep in mind the color of the year in wardrobe picks

Every year, a “color of the year” is named, and during that year the color becomes the most popular color to wear and have.
Aug 26, 2014
Kennedy Pope

Every year, a “color of the year” is named, and during that year the color becomes the most popular color to wear and have.  

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, is currently charged with picking out the color each year. Eiseman has made the important decision of choosing the color the past 13 years and is somewhere in the world right now looking for the color of 2015. 

In 2013, the color was emerald and became a popular color throughout 2014; however, there is a brand new color of the year for 2014 and it is radiant orchid.  Radiant orchid brings out the confidence in you and sparks your imagination.  It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple. This color is a great way to bring out the creative side in you and brighten up your everyday style. 

Every year, Eiseman tries to pick a color that will bring out the best look in everyone.  Radiant orchid is a particular shade of purple that will surely set you apart from everyone else. It matches everyone’s skin tone and goes well with neutral colors to make it stand out even more.  

A lot of people are usually afraid of adding bold or bright color to their wardrobes. Individuals who work in corporate environments usually stick to the everyday whites, blacks and nudes to keep a more professional look.  

However, there are fun and exciting ways to add radiant orchid to your everyday attire.  Do not limit yourself to playing it safe and wearing neutral colors because radiant orchid is an invitation to be fun and creative.  

Try experimenting with your closet and make a statement with your outfit with the bubbly purple. Radiant orchid best goes with teal, coral, gold, pastel yellow and bubble gum pink.  If you aren’t ready for the extreme shades, you can stick to the neutrals with the orchid purple, but the key to a good outfit is to always have at least three different colors involved.  

Patterns are becoming more and more popular, especially the patterns with a hint of purple. Paisley and floral prints are hot and would be great to incorporate some purple in your day. Pair a nice printed skirt with a touch of radiant orchid and a button-up top for an effortless, classy look that gets the color of the year in the outfit as well.  

Purple pants are definitely in. Get a light shade of purple pants, pair it with a plain tee and then accessorize with a bright necklace.  

Kennedy Pope is a Lebanon High School senior and fashion columnist for The Lebanon Democrat. 


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