7:06 PM Oct 30, 2013
As far as I’m concerned, the holiday season begins Thursday. I know, it’s not really a holiday. Nobody even gets a day off.
7:04 PM Oct 30, 2013
It’s no secret the cost of living is growing each day. It can be seen in the grocery store, at the gas pump and in our utility bills.
7:25 PM Oct 29, 2013
I know just last week I educated you all on such a cheerful column topic a la the horror movie Carrie, but with Halloween in two days I find it kind of hard to stay away from the holiday.
7:22 PM Oct 29, 2013
Much to the disappointment of children across Wilson County who have to wait a day to get those treats, the Lebanon-Wilson County Chamber of Commerce and city leaders were correct to postpone Halloween on the Square until Friday.
4:30 PM Oct 28, 2013
Halloween is a time when starry-eyed children transform into superheroes, princesses, ghosts, goblins and the like for one night all for the quest to fill bags and plastic Jack-O-Lanterns full of candy.
4:28 PM Oct 28, 2013
Back in May, Jared Felkins, director of content (nee editor) of this newspaper, politely replied in the negative when I asked if he would be okay with my putting poetry in my columns.
3:45 PM Oct 25, 2013
After 13 years, I think I’ve got this marriage thing pretty much figured out.
6:51 PM Oct 24, 2013
As a native Tennessean, I never really had a whole lot of exposure to it growing up – I remember a few “big” snows in my younger years, when we got maybe 6 inches or so.
6:21 PM Oct 24, 2013
Students at Lebanon High School, Mt. Juliet High School and Wilson Central High School started last Friday encouraging their communities to back them with a simple request that now appears could lead to a significant pay day.
6:07 PM Oct 23, 2013
We’d like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support we’ve experienced the last few days and we’d also like to share a few things we’d like the public to know about New Leash on Life, also known as the Humane Association of Wilson County:
6:06 PM Oct 23, 2013
There’s little doubt not every high school graduate has both the means and desire to move on to a college or university. And that’s where the Tennessee College of Applied Technology becomes an option.
3:02 PM Oct 23, 2013
It’s my favorite time of year. We are now in the midst of the World Series, also known as the Fall Classic. I happen to be a Cardinals fan, so of course I’m ready to fall into the recliner and cheer them on from the living room.
6:31 PM Oct 22, 2013
Over the weekend I got back in to the swing of things. I went to a movie for the first time in a few months, which is a lifetime in my eyes.
6:27 PM Oct 22, 2013
No one should simply shake their head and sadly lament the horrific story of child abuse that afflicted Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old child.
6:25 PM Oct 22, 2013
The Wilson County Commission was wise to defer a plan that would have effectively eliminated about $35,000 annually from New Leash on Life’s budget Monday.