Letter to the Editor: Disruptive children have no place in restaurants

To the Editor:
Aug 9, 2013
To the Editor:
It’s refreshing to hear that some restaurant owners across the country are doing something about unruly children in their establishments.  
Some are not allowing children under 7 years old in the restaurant after 7 p.m. It’s called the seven-seven rule. Some have even been brave enough to not allow children at all. 
It is a shame that it has come to this. Parents who allow their children to run around making noise and disrupting others who are there to enjoy their time and meal, should be asked to leave and not come back if their child can’t act like a normal human being. 
They like to blame it on attention deficit disorder, but I believe it’s a lack of training on the part of the parents. There was a time when you never saw this from a small child, because one of the parents would take the child out for a little while, and when they returned, the child would be well behaved. But, that was back before it was against the law to discipline your child in public. 
That was before the students of Doctor Spock’s book were taught that it would harm the child’s future if they had a belt applied to their derriere. It worked for hundreds of years, and even Dr. Spock said, before he died, that he was wrong. 
It is not the children’s fault, because they have never been trained how to act in public. 
We seem to be in the second or third generation of this phenomena. If the young parents were raised in this manner,they think that this form of behavior is alright. 
If a hard-working couple wants to go out for an evening out, they should not have their it ruined by someone’s unruly child. Nobody on earth likes children more than I do, but I believe that letting a child act in this manner is the worst form of child neglect. The parents should be charged with child neglect and made to attend parenting classes until their child learns how to act in a respectable manner.
Hershel Butts


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