Letter to the Editor: Religion should be taught in churches, not in schools

To the Editor:
Aug 12, 2013

To the Editor:

The recent comments by the editor of The Democrat are well stated. It is also wise to request opinion on the subject of an authorized gay club at Wilson Central High School, given the controversial nature of the subject.

 A gay club at a school does not indicate that the school is promoting homosexuality. Since, in my opinion, homosexuality is not a lifestyle but has a genetic basis, it should not be addressed from a religious standpoint.

Besides the U.S. Constitution, there is a major reason there is separation of church and state. Think about the sheer number of Christian denominations, Jewish groups, Islamist groups, Hindu groups and on and on who cannot agree on various beliefs, even within their own group. 

Religion needs to be taught in the church, mosque and on and on infinitum, where the family has some control over what is taught. 

The schools are not capable of providing any semblance of what any of the aforementioned groups believe.

 We are again putting parenting duties off on the schools, which they are not capable of performing.

Frank C. Newbell


To read Jared Felkins' column in which Newbell references, click here



Frank ... very good!

We've seen religious before ... we called it the Dark Ages.


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